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the slave ships were wooden and they smellt horrible and the ships are really dirty.

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Q: What did slave ships look like?
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How many seamen where on slave ships?

There were at least 130 sea men on slave ships.

What do ships criuse ships look like?

boats lokklike

How was samuels ships transportation?

How did samuels ships look like

Did slaves walk around on the slave ships?

Slaves were manacled and packed tightly into the holds of the slave ships.

What was the journey that the slave ships took called?

The Slave Trade

What does the tribal symbol for slave look like?

Depends on the tribe; depends on the slave.

Where is the slave clutch?

large ships

What were the slave ships transporting?


What were slave ships made of?


What illnesses did slaves die of aboard the slave ships?

slaves got diseases like smallpox and dysentery

How did Lioyds of London perticipate in the slave trade?

Lloyd's of London played a significant role in insuring slave ships and their cargo during the transatlantic slave trade. They provided insurance policies that protected slave owners from financial loss if their ships or human cargo were damaged, lost, or captured. This involvement in insuring slave ships contributed to the profitability of the slave trade.

How were the African slave brought to America?