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For GI's staying in the field; playing cards (gambling), reading paper back books, or magazines, fishing at a river, hunting game (usually while moving with an armored column, hunting near a bivouac would start an "alarm", gunfire meant enemy contact). For GI's in the rear, EM (Enlisted Men's) Clubs, NCO Clubs (Non-Commissioned Officers), "O" Clubs (Officer Clubs) offered alcohol, sodas, and pizzas. "O" Clubs and Senior NCO Clubs offered the "hard stuff", Vodka, Bourben, Whiskey, etc. EM & NCO Clubs were mainly beer. Painting names and painting Cartoons on the barrels of our tank guns (cannons), artillery barrels, was a form of entertainment.

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What did soldiers do on their spare time during the Vietnam war?

In the field, playing cards (gambling) was common.

What did the Vietnam soldiers do in there spare time?

They killed each other for practice. That's why we won.

Wiht did blacks do on their spare time during the Vietnam war?

All GI's had no choice but to do the same things; there was nothing else to do, during their spare times. Play cards, pull extra duties, do things with your friends (talking, etc.).

What did the soldiers do in there spare time in WW 1?

They had homosexual intercourse.

What did the soldiers do in their spare time?

the soldiers wrote letters home,played games and built roads

When the soldiers returned from Vietnam what did Americans do for the first time in history?

shunned the soldiers

Number of soldiers in the Vietnam war?

The maximum number of US soldiers in Vietnam at one time was 500, 000. 3 million Americans were in the Vietnam war altogether.

How do us soldiers describe their time in the Vietnam war?

They just said, "I did my time."

Spare time activities in the trenches?

During WW1, the activities that soldiers did in their spare were to play cards, write in diaries, write letters home, or take some to sleep. Trenches were very unpleasant places for soldiers because the environment was often muddy and often had the stench of rotting corpses.

How many soldiers are in the Vietnam military?

At the time of the Vietnam War their was about 2 million. Now their is roughly 760,000.

How many US soldiers were in Vietnam at one time?

At the height of the war there were approximately 500,000 US Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Coast Guardsmen in Vietnam.

How many combat infantryman were in Vietnam?

i did a report a long time ago in school and researched this information. On average there were only about 35,000 combat soldiers in Vietnam, on the average. Which made up only about 10% of the total American soldiers in Vietnam. It takes alot of support personnel to take care of the logistics, administrative needs, and etc... for each combat soldier. The number of combat soldiers in Vietnam rose to approximately 50,000 combat soldiers during the Tet Offensive.

President of north Vietnam during the time of the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, the President was Ho Chi Minh.

Who was the leader of the north Vietnam during the time of the Vietnam war?

Ho Chi Minh was the Premiere of North Vietnam during this period.

What did soldiers do in their spare time during the Vietnam War?

Men in the rear base camps socialized with the local towns; men in the field played cards (gambled) or read paper back books; swam in the rivers, fished with hand grenades, or did some hunting or target shooting (testing their weapons of course).

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its allowed cargo or even soldiers to go on it. which was faster than a carriage at that time

What did World War I soldiers do in spare time?

I am thinking that they were plotting on how to destroy their enemies or thinking of their home and family

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Why did US not leave Vietnam sooner?

Because they didn't have enough time to leave Vietnam during the Vietnam War

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The highest number of us soldiers in south Vietnam at one time?

Over 500,000 men.