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The 9th Amendment.

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Q: What did the 14th amendment overturn and contradict?
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Which amendment has been used by the Supreme Court to overturn many court decisions in order to enforce equal rights?

14th amendment

Which amendment did the 21st amendment overturn?

the 18 amendment

Which amendment was the only amendment ever passed to overturn another amendment?

the 21st amemndment

Which amendment gave equal protection under the law?

14th 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments 14th It's the Fourteenth Amendment the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment ITS THE 14TH OMG

Why did Congress add the 14th amendment to the declaration when they did?

Why did Congress add the 14th amendment?

What is the 15th and 14th amendment?

The 14th amendment is for citizenship rights. The 15th amendment is race on bar to vote.

What is the name of the 14th amendment?

The name of this Amendment is the 14th Amendment. This was part of the Reconstruction Amendments which were passed after the Civil War.

Which amendment involves immigration?

The 14th Amendment

Which amendment freed the slaves?

14th Amendment

Which amendment defined citizenship?

the 14th amendment

Which amendment gave citizenship?

the 14th amendment

How did the 14th amendment overturn the Dred Scott vs Sandford Case?

it's 14Th amendment is the rights of citizens The 14th admendment did not overturn the Dred Scott vs Sanford Case. Dred Scott sue his master Sanford for his freedom because he had live in a free state for a year or more with his master. Scott's case went to the supreme court and the supreme court Justice who was form Kentucky stated "That a Black man had no rights that was recognize by a white man". Dred Scott went back south with Sanford.

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