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What did the Geneva conference do?

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The Geneva conference was when a group of representatives from the us government game together to decide if the water in lake Geneva was either blue or greenish. Yes this is true and very stupid of the US. Aren't you glad we live here.

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In 1864 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Geneva Conference - 1959 TV was released on: USA: 10 May 1959

The Geneva Accords (signed at the two-week-long Geneva Conference in Geneva, Switzerland).

If you mean Geneva Convention then yes, it does. It violates article 3 of the Geneva Convention making it a crime.

1925, at the third Geneva conference

The purpose of the Geneva Conference was to find a peaceful solution to issues on the Korean peninsula, unify Vietnam, and restoring peace in Indochina. The United States, Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, and China attended the conference.

Geneva is in Switzerland and the only place that had freedom against communism,democrates etc etc

it divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel

That was because the Geneva conference havent happen then, until then, countries used mustard gases and stuff that now days would be violating the Geneva conference

The cast of The Geneva Conference - 1959 includes: Charles Collingwood as himself Ernest Leiser as himself Daniel Schorr as himself Eric Sevareid as himself

Carolyn Kitching has written: 'Britain and the Geneva Disarmament Conference' -- subject(s): Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments (1932-1934 : Geneva, Switzerland), Congresses, Disarmament, Foreign relations, Politics and government

The Geneva Agreements of 1954 (also, "Geneva Accords") arranged a settlement which brought about an end to the First Indochina War. The agreement was reached at the end of the Geneva Conference. A ceasefire was signed and France agreed to withdraw its troops from the region.

Vietnam was nuked by terrorists of the North Pole

Hitler withdrew from the Geneva Disarmament Conference because of outrage with the French. He felt the two countries should be equally armed.

there was two main reasons for having this conference. the first was to bring unity to the koreas(north and south) the second was to bring peace to indochina

USSR, US, UK, China, and France (major countries that were involved)

The Geneva Conference signed in 1954 divided the two countries at the 17th Parallel.

After France's defeat, Vietnam was divided at 17 degrees north latitude. It was created at an international peace conference in Geneva.

Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War Adopted on 12 August 1949 by the Diplomatic Conference for the Establishment of International Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War, held in Geneva from 21 April to 12 August, 1949 entry into force 21 October 1950

The rules for caring for POW's made at the international conference at Geneva, Switzerland was called the Geneva Conference. The rules established the standards of international law for the humanitarian treatment of war. The rules state that prisoners of war shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, color, religion or faith, sex, birth or wealth, or any other similar criteria.

around 1955...after Dienbienphu fell and a multinational conference was held in Geneva they decided to split Vietnam at the seventeenth parallel

Geneva, Switzerland.GenevagenevaGeneva, Switzerland.

The Republic of Vietnam - RVN - (also known as South Vietnam), was formed by the Geneva Conference in 1954, and was dissolved and merged into the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1975.

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