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The tragic Greek chorus originally wore padded clothing, thick-soled shoes, large masks and long robes. The comic Greek chorus, on the other hand, wore thin-soled shoes and smaller masks with distorted, fanciful features, and varied between tunics, robes and skimpier clothing.


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In ancient Greece, the chorus was the song in the play, where the people would sing at the end of the play.

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Q: What did the Greek chorus originally wear?
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How many people were in the Greek chorus?

The chorus in Romeo and Juliet is one person. Although a director could decide to have more than one person saying the chorus's lines, it was not designed that way. The function of the Chorus in Greek drama was to comment on what was going on in the play, and consisted of a group or groups of people. Shakespeare retained the function but not the form; his chorus comments on the action but does not consist of a group of people.

What did the chorus in Greek plays do?

they sang

What are the techniques of the Greek chorus?

a technique ;)

What language does the word chorus come from?

Chorus ( or better khoros ) is a Greek word.

What role did the chorus play in Greek plays?

I can't believe someone would write that. I was in a greek play and I was chorus and the chorus were just townsfolk who told the story. The spoke in rhyme.

What role does the Greek chorus do?

i think it makes you sing in a greek voice

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How many actors were there in greek plays?

There was usually only one actor and then the chorus... However later on other playwrights introduced two actors and then three actors. But originally there was only one.

Does the chorus wear masks in 'Antigone'?

Yes, the chorus wears masks in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, all of the characters wear masks in the play if the staging is true to the rules of ancient Greek theater. The masks reflect the gender, personality and status of the character. But each member of the chorus dons a mask that is identical to those of the other members since the chorus of Theban elders holds one opinion and represents the Theban consensus.

Chorus in Electra?

The Chorus in Electra, the Greek tragedy by Euripides, consisted of the virgin country women from Mycenae.

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What was the importance of the Chorus during the Greek Tragedy?