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The KKK terrorized people with violence and much more commonly the threat of violence. This was very intimidating.

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How did the KKK terrorize its victims?

The KKK used guns, their fists, and other weapons to intimidate people with violence and more commonly, the threat of violence.

What methods did KKK used to terrorize people?


Who did the KKK terrorize?

They were after Mormon's Jew's and black's The KKK was pretty much worshipers of Adolf Hitler and his practices

Who were the main victims of the KKK?

The main direct victims were black Americans but everyone has been harmed to some degree by the KKK.

What was the difference between the KKK in the 1870's and the KKK in the 1920's?

The KKK had more ability to terrorize Blacks in the 1870's. This was due in part because of poor law enforcement and communications.

How did the KKK terrorize African Americans?

The KKK spread terror, whipped, killed, robbed and drove them from their homes in great numbers. One example is that the KKK forced them to break the ice and bathe in freezing waters of the Kentucky River.

How did the KKK terrorize blacks?

By putting fear into their lives. Terrorizing their homes, lynching male members of the family and making the surviving members get them down

Who were victims of the KKK?

Blacks, Republicans, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and opponents of National Prohibition.

Do spiders have teeth?

no. they bite ther victims and melt the vitims insides then drink it.

Did the KKK ever take anyones baby away?

I've read several histories of the KKK and I've never seen any report of this occurring. Their main tactic was to terrorize and intimidate.

Has the KKK killed people?

Yes, the KKK has killed people and intimidated many others in order to deny them their civil rights. Victims have included Black Americans, Republicans, Jews and others.

What stoped wegener from proving that the continents were once together?

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Who did the Ku Klux Klan terrorize in the early 20th century?

The KKK were and are violent racists . . . at various times they targeted the Chinese, Latinos, Japanese, the black people, and American natives.

Is terrorize a common noun?

The word 'terrorize' is a verb. Example sentence:That movie will terrorize young children.

How do you use terrorize in a sentence?

I cabt figure out how to terrorize her. ;)

What is a noun for terrorize?

The noun form for the verb terrorize is terrorization.

What is a sentence for terrorize?

That movie used to terrorize me as a young child.

Is the word terrorize an abstract noun?

No, the word 'terrorize' is a verb (terrorize, terrorizes, terrorizing, terrorized).The abstract noun form is terror.

Why were the KKK labeled as a terrorist group?

The original KKK was created specifically to terrorize blacks in the southern states, attacking those who dared get try to be "uppity" or "rise above their place." Later, when the KKK was revived in the 20th century, it added Jews and Catholics to its list of targets. The goal was to intimidate all of these unwelcome people, driving them from areas where the KKK was strong. In the southern states, the emphasis was always on terrorizing blacks, but in the north, the KKK gained strength in significant part because of anti-immigrant sentement. Many lynchings were attributed to KKK activity, as well as arson and bombings, frequently targeting black churches.

Is terrorize an abstract noun?

The word terrorize is a verb. The related abstract noun is terrorism.

Why did the post-war South create the KKK and how did the KKK influence post war society?

Confederate veterans and former plantation owners who were negatively impacted socially, politically, and economically resented what they considered the severe and unfair restrictions of Reconstruction. The KKK formed as a secret society to terrorize African Americans, Carpetbaggers, and Scallywags into submission. It worked for the repeal of Reconstruction, and, eventually led to the Jim Crow laws passed when Reconstruction ended.

Why did the KKK lynch people?

Lynching was a practice by the Ku Klux Klan as an act of violence to kill people. The people who were victims of the KKK lynching were black people, Catholics, Jewish people, and any other person who opposed the racist beliefs or practices of the radicals.

What actions did southerners take in response to the rights given to former slaves by the federal government after reconstruction?

In this time the KKK was formed to keep former slaves from leaving and to terrorize them. Southern planters began to charge rent and limited movement.

What did the KKK group do to there victims?

They raped them over and over again, then they tied them to the a pick up truck and drove at approximately 40mph until there heads were torn off

How was the KKK formed?

It was formed by a bunch of men who hated Jewish people and African Americans. Men would burn crosses and stick them into front yards of Jewish people's houses and African American people's houses and terrorize lots of people.

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