What did the Nazis mean by the term aryan?

The term Aryan refers to a language group. Another name for this language group is Indo-European. The Slavic people and the Celtic people are Caucasian, but they are not in the Aryan language group, so they are not Aryan. The Poles were blond and blue-eyed, but they were Slavic, so they were not Aryan. The original Jews were in the Semitic language group, so they were not Aryan. The Eastern European Jews were members of an Asian race and were not Aryan. The French were a mixed race of Celts and Romans, so they were not Aryan.

The Nazis used the term Aryan to mean the ethnic Germans and other people such as the people in the Netherlands who were in the Aryan language group. Most of the Nazis were from Austria or Bavaria and they were descendants of the German tribe called the Bavarians. The Bavarians typically had dark hair and dark blue eyes or brown eyes. The Nazis admired the Nordic race whose members are typically blond with blue eyes.