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What did the Nazis think of Jews?

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The Nazis thought that the Jews were the cause of all sorts of problems in Germany and thought that they were scum, when the Jew's weren't the cause of the problem, the Jews were not evil, it was all the other way around, it's just that Hitler was in charge at the time and made everybody think this.

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How did the Nazis make the Jews appear subhuman?

To make Germans think the Jews should be executed

What does the Nazis do to the Jews in the Holocaust?

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

How did the Nazis torture?

By beating, whipping, and whacking the Jews. Basically anything they could think of to do to the Jews, they would do it.

Why did the Nazis attempt to make Jews appear subhuman?

To make Germans think the Jews should be executed

How did Nazis transport the Jews?

Nazis transported the Jews by train mostly.

What did the Jews have to give to the Nazis when they first arrived?

Nazis arrived after Jews.

How were the Nazis threatened by the Jews?

The Jews were not a 'threat' to either the Nazis or to Germany.

How are Nazis and Jews alike?

Nazis and Jews are not alike in any way. Those people who say or believe that Nazis and Jews are alike are not only wrong, they are intolerant and bigoted. Nazis, the followers of Adolph Hitler, discriminated against Jews, and murdered or tortured many Jews in the Holocaust. Ask any Holocaust survivor, and they will tell you how the Nazis harmed the Jews. They will also tell you that Jews are not Nazis, and are not like the Nazis in any way.

Did the Nazis think they were superior?

They did, and because of that, Nazis killed Jews if they even made the slightest mistake, or complain too much.

Why did the Nazis try experiments to kill the Jews?

Yes, unfortunately they did just about anything you can think of to kill a Jew. Jews were like rats to them, they were non-human to Nazis and if the Nazis wanted to test something, they would use a Jew.

What Hitler's parents think of Nazis?

they were proud and wanted to rape jews too

What did the Nazis stop the Jews from doing?

The Nazis murdered two-thirds of Europe's Jews. So, to finish the sentence: The Nazis stopped the Jews from LIVING.

Why did the Nazis hate Judaism?

I think you'll find that it was the Jews (that is people) that the Nazis hated and that they had very little knowledge of Judaism (the religion).

What island did the Nazis think about deporting the Jews to?

There was talk in 1940 about shipping the European Jews to Madagascar, but it was never a practical proposition.

What did the Nazis do to the Jews in gas chambers?

The Nazis put the Jews to death in the gas chambers.

What did the Jews think of Hitler?

Because it was the Jews that were persecuted by Hitler and the Nazis, they couldn't have thought fondly of him. --- Well, what would you think of someone who was trying to murder you? --- They were terrified of him.

Why were Jews afraid of Nazis?

Because the Nazis blamed the world's problems on the Jews and so their goal was to kill all of the Jews.

What ways did the Nazis stripped the Jews of there dignity?

The Nazis made them legal stateless people. this way Nazis can kill Jews at their own will.

Why were Adolf Hitler and the Nazis jealous of the Jews?

Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews; there was no jealousy involved.

Why did the Nazis treat the jews the way they did in the Holocaust?

Nazis hate Jews and they hate what there religious beliefs

What Did the Nazis do to the Jews during hitlers era?

The Nazis and Hitler committed genocide on the European Jews.

How did the Nazis know who were the Jews?

The main sources for the Nazis were: the Jews themselves, parish records and informants.

What did the Nazis want to do to the mentally ill?

The Nazis did what they did to the Jews

What was the Nazis complete destruction of Jews and other minorities?

The Nazis failed in their quest to completely destroy Europe's Jews. They did manage to almost completely destroy some gypsy tribes. But i think you are looking for the Holocaust.

Did the Nazis kill Jews on trains?

indirectly, Jews died on trains because of the conditions that the Nazis sujected them to.