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What did the Pharaohs children do?

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to my beliefs i pretty sure that they were just to be the kids they are they would wait to be king/pharaoh (only if eldest child) otherwise i think they were taught by servants and didnt go to school with the other kids. i also belive that the children of the king/pharaoh stayed with the mother alot.

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True or false pharaohs were believed to be the children of the sun god?

It is true that the Pharaohs were believed to be the children of the sun god.

How did the pharaohs children become pharaohs?

the family line would pass to them I THINK

Did pharaohs children have individual tutors or did they go to school?


Which phamous pharaohs had hundreds of wives and over 900 children?

Ramses II

Were pharaohs children of Amon-Re?

yes and the Egyptians called themselves the cattle of re

Where were pharaohs born?

Pharaohs was born in Egypt. It depends on which Pharaohs

Why do Pharaohs live in a pyramid?

Pharaohs do not live in pyramids. Pyramids are tombs for the Pharaohs of Egypt. Pharaohs did not live in pyramids they where buried in them after they died.

What is mummies of pharaohs as a possessive noun?

The possessive form of the plural noun pharaohs is pharaohs'.The possessive noun phrase is: the pharaohs' mummies.

What were the pharaohs in when they were in the tomb?

Pharaohs were put into tombs with their belongings. Prominent Pharaohs were put into Pyramids.

What did the pharaohs have control of?

what did the pharaohs gave control of

When was The Pharaohs created?

The Pharaohs was created in 1962.

How did pharaohs become pharaohs?

THey became Pharaohs by family, it gets past down by oldest to youngest.

How did the pharaohs become pharaohs?

They became pharaohs by being the old pharaoh's oldest son with the birthright.

Were pharaohs always male?

No. Most, but not all, Pharaohs were male. For example, Cleopatra and Nefertiti were Pharaohs.

Why did Egyptians embalm the bodies of pharaohs?

they embalmed the bodies of pharaohs so that the pharaohs had their body for the afterlife

How do you spell pharaohs?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "pharaohs" (rulers of ancient Egypt).pharaohs

How do you write mummies of Pharaohs using a possessive noun?

The possessive form of the plural noun pharaohs is pharaohs'.example: The pharaohs' mummies are studied by scientists at the university.

Where were the first pharaohs?

The first pharaohs were in Ancient Egypt.

What were the contributions of pharaohs?

pharaohs made Egypt cool

Do pharaohs live in Castles?

Pharaohs no longer live.

In what year the pharaohs die?

The pharaohs died in 1336

Are pharaohs rich?

Yes, Pharaohs are fairly rich.

What was pharaohs hat called?

the Actuman for how great pharaohs were

What magic surrounded the pharaohs?

Pharaohs were living gods.

Are pyramids built for burying kings or pharaohs?

Pharaohs were the Egyptian kings. Though the egyptians did not call them kings, but pharaohs. So the pyramids were built fir pharaohs/kings.