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What did the Puritans eat?

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Puritans ate alot of things.Maple sugar was the main sweetener because the taste. they would have fresh or salted fish, roasted meats and extremly hot stew of "colly flower", carrots, and peas,washed down with wine or ale. to finish, their might be syllabub, a custard of cream and wine,expensive sugared almonds.

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What did puritans in Massachusetts eat?

They eat ministroni!!!!!!!!!!

What were the puritans religion and their religious views?

The Puritans' religions and their religious views were about how they liked to eat potatoes.

What kind of food did the puritans eat?


What kind of cookies did puritans eat?

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Did puritans eat beer bread?

yes, and drank beer

When did puritans eat cookies?

They ate cookies when they were out of corn pudding.

Why did puritans adopt the halfway covenant?

Because they love to eat cheese

Did the puritans or pilgrims made money from ship building and fishing?


What did Puritans eat?

I believe the Puritans ate corn, meat, fish, pudding (made of corn), popcorn, and apples.Puritans ate vegetables meat seafood and mostly simple not too decorated or fancy food

What did John Winthrop accomplish as leader of thr puritans?

he let them eat the cheese

What types of food did puritans eat in colonial times?

fish and crops and bugs.

Why were the puritans called the puritans?

The puritans were called puritans because of the root word "pure". They wanted to "purify" the church of England.

Were the royalists puritans?

No. It was the Parliamentarians who were Puritans.

Were did the puritans come from?

Puritans came from England.

Was is the pilgrims or was it the puritans that founded Massachusetts?


Who was the founder of Massachusetts puritans or pilgrims?

The Puritans.

Did the puritans celebrate holidays?

did the puritans Answer this question…

What were the puritans interested in?

The puritans were interested in religious freedom.

What region was dominated by the puritans?

The Puritans were Calvinist Protestants.

Did puritans sing in church?

puritans didnot sing

Why were puritans persecuted?

The Puritans were persecuted for religious reasons.

What did most puritans work as?

Most Puritans were farmers.

What is a good sentence with puritans?

The puritans were just here.

Did the puritans or pilgrims sail on the mayflower?

The puritans :3

What do Puritans eat?

I'm not aware of any particular diet that the Puritans ate, but since they were from England, they probably ate an English-derived diet. The word "Puritan" is not used for any modern religious group; who used to be the Puritans are now Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Baptists. I don't believe there are any dietary regulations for any of these groups.