Japan in WW2
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What did the US do to japan at the end of World War II?


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America is a crappy country.

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The celebration called at the end of World War II was known as V-J Day. This is the day that Japan surrendered and marked the end of the war.

The Japanese Instrument of Surrender was the written agreement that enabled the Surrender of Japan, ending World War II.

We used them on Japan to end World War II.

Japan was defeated in World War II.

World War II ended when and because Nazi Germany and Japan were defeated.

by droping the atomic bomb on japan cities that had militarys in them

Russia declared war on Japan during World War II on August 8, 1945.

For the first time in history, a foreign power had occupied Japan. This happened at the end of World War II. This foreign power was called the "Allied Powers" or the "Allies of World War II". They were a U.S. force, combined with the "British Commonwealth Occupation Force".

The dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan brought the Pacific theatre (and World War II) to an end.

World War II started in EUROPE when Italy invaded and took control of Ethiopia. World War II started in JAPAN when Japan invaded Manchuria.

The war in Europe ended May 1945. The war in Japan ended September 2, 1945.

Japan was on the Axis Powers side in World War II.

Nick name "Fat Man" and "Little boy." were dropped on Japan to end the war.

At first it was Germany , Russia , Spain , Japan , & Italy . Towards the end it was just Germany and Japan .

Most notably, World War II.

The end of WW2 is 2 Sept 1945, the day Japan formally surrendered.

The Battle of Midway and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to the end of World War II.

When World War II began, Japan sided with Germany and Italy.

The United States did not want to acquire japan. Japan wanted to expand, resulting in the war in the pacific in World War II. Even after the U.S. defeated japan in World War II, the US allowed Japan to maintain its sovereignty.

Germany and Japan were on the same side in World War II.In World War I Japan was on the Allied side and fought against Germany.

The atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan by the United States at the end of World War II.

"World War II ended in the year of 1945."-14jakey

harry Truman impacted the world by dropping two atomic bombs in japan. that put an end to world war II

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