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Springfield The M1903-A1 and M1903-A4 .30-06 rifles with a variety of scopes were used by most US snipers during WW 2. The Unertl 8X was the scope preferred by the USMC. the military also made limited use of M1 garand sniper rifles.

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What is the best rifle in Call of Duty World at War?

The m1 garand for its power and it can have a sniper scope

What was the scope called in World War 1 rifle?

Warner & Swasey sniper scope used by US troops during WW!

In mw2 can you get an ACOG Scope on a Sniper Rifle?

On the XBOX 360, yes.

For call of duty world at war can you put a aperture scope on a bolt action rifle?

No, however you are able to get a sniper scope for all of the bolt action rifles.

How do you disable force fields in nova 3?

Use your sniper rifle. Look at the green button through the scope of the sniper rifle and it turns off.

Is it legal to hunt with a sniper rifle in Kentucky?

You will have to define "sniper rifle". There is no meaning to that term, other than an accurate scope mounted rifle. That includes most hunting rifles.

What would be a starting paintball sniper?

The browning is typically your common sniper rifle with a scope added , but you could use a M240 , and put a scope on it , LIKE A BOSS

How do you be an airsoft sniper?

Buy a decent sniper rifle (gas or spring) a scope if it doesn't come with one and then practice.

How do you look in a scope in team fortress 2?

Using the Sniper, have the sniper rifle as your chosen weapon and right click.

What is the best scope for a sniper rifle .308 win?

The best you can afford.

What is the most expensive military rifle scope in the world today?

Carl Zeiss Hensoldt makes a scope that costs over $12000--which is way more than the rifle it's bolted to.

How far can you see through the best military sniper scope?

past a mile

What is the most accurate sight on a gun?

Generally, a telescopic one. Like a scope on a Sniper rifle

What is best sniper rifle scope?

well actually i thought that the SSR 4000 sniper rifle was the best but if u Google or bing what ever winter tatical sniper u will find some great feautures well that is it in my opinon what is urs

What type of Kraig was used by the American sniper in the movie Saving Private Ryan. That rifle had a scope on it. Is it possible to know that rifle type and scope?

The rifle shown is a Springfield M1903. It is chamberd in .30-06(7.62x63).

The best sniper rifle and sniper tips for MW2?

I prefer the intervention with the FMJ attachment. put your sensitivity on med so you can move the scope around faster.

Is the distance of 1000 yards or one click in map reading the same as one click on a sniper rifle scope?


What is the Nerf long strike cs-6?

It is a NERF sniper rifle, but the scope doesn;t have magnification

How do you build a sniper scope?

Unless you're an optician, you can't. The US military has standardized on Leupold scopes for its snipers, so if you want a sniper scope, go to a good gun store and buy the Leupold scope you like best. Then, go to a gunsmith familiar with high-accuracy rifles with your bolt-action rifle (Remington Model 700 is a very good gun and .308 is the caliber I would choose) and have all these things done to it: fit the stock to you, glass-bed the stock (this makes the stock fit against the barrel nicely and cuts down on vibration), polish the bolt, have the headspace adjusted, then mount the scope. And THEN buy about twenty boxes of match-grade ammo and learn how to shoot. The scope is just part of what makes a rifle a sniper rifle; it's a system including the rifle, optics, ammunition and shooter.

Is there a grand theft auto Chinatown wars sniper rifle cheat?

yes there is a cheat either look on youtube or find some place that has a locked gate and go to the keypad hack it and find a sniper rifle case.for unlimited ammo for the sniper, pause when you have the sniper rifle scope on and hold L and R after, press X B Y A SELECT and you have unlimited ammo

A and K SVD Sniper Rifle?

The A&K SVD Sniper Rifle (Dragunov) is a Soviet rifle that was introduced in 1958 and accepted in the military on 1969. It is an adaptation of the AK-47 which was made to accurately keep troops at 650 meters. The Dragunov is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x54Rmm. The maximum effective range of the Dragunov is 850 meters while the maximum range is 1,300 meters with scope. The Dragunov was designed by Evgeny Dragunov.

How much does an 50 caliber sniper rifle weigh?

In the case of the Barrett M82 rifle, about 30-31 lbs, depending on the model. The scope may add several more pounds if a night vision scope is used.

How do you zoom in 12x scope in battlefield bad company 2?

Well, first of all you need to unlock it. After that, you equip it onto a sniper rifle and when you zoom in, it will be the 12x scope.

Was a 50 cal sniper used in world war 2?

No. The standard sniper rifle for the US was the 1903 Springfield, mounted with a telescopic sight. Later a version of the M-1 was scope mounted as well. All other nations that had snipers used their standard infantry rifle mounted with a telescopic sight.

How do you use the scope on the sniper rifle in Star Wars Battlefront II?

You press in the L3 button (press in the left analog).