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The Cherokee Native American tribes used to tell stories, sing, and dance for fun. They also played games such as stick ball and marbles.

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Q: What did the ancient Cherokee Indians do for fun?
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What did Cherokee Indians do for fun?

They played stickball?

What did the Cherokee do for fun?

The Cherokee Indians played lacrosse as one of their favorite games.

Who were Ancient peoples of Lebanon?

Cherokee Indians were the ancient people of Lebanon, Tennessee. The Trail of Tears trail goes through the area, where the Cherokee were driven out of the land.

How did Cherokee Indians use the environment?

Well u should play minecraft to get better and fun is fun rasisng trolllololololo

What did the Cherokee Indians do in their free time?

They play games and eat and drink and like to fun stuff

Why were Cherokee Indians given land?

How did the cherokee indians get land

Are Mississippian Indians called Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee Indians are found in Mississippi; and they are sometimes referred to as Mississippi Indians.

What did the Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

What did the Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

Did Cherokee Indians live in tepees?

Cherokee Indians lived in Wickiups

Where did the Cherokee Indians first settle?

where did the Cherokee Indians first live

Did the Cherokee Indians Farm hunt or fish?

The Cherokee Indians farmed.

What were the Cherokee Indians resources?

What were the Cherokee Indians resources? it was eating and selling things

What are the Cherokee Indians famous for?

the Cherokee Indians were famous for telling fiction storys!.

Do Cherokee Indians register in Oklahoma?

registering in the roll in oklahoma for cherokee indians

What religious beliefs did Cherokee follow?

Cherokee believed in the ancient beliefs of all the Indians. such as nature being a circle, infanticide and geronticide and many other Indian traditions.

Where in the US did the Cherokee Indians settle?

wher did the Cherokee Indians settle in South Carolina

Where do Cherokee Indians live today?

The Cherokee Indians live today in Indian reservations

Why do Cherokee Indians look Asian?

Cherokee Indians look Asian because most Native Indians were decended from Asians

Were the Cherokee Indians friendly?

Yes, the Cherokee Indians were a very friendly tribe. They were the largest group of Indians in the United States.

Are Iroquois Indian the same as Cherokee Indians?

sort of... the Cherokee Indians originated from the Iroquois Indians maybe but i would say no

What language is spoken by Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee Indians speak English. However, there is also a Cherokee Language that many of them also speak.

Who do Sioux Indians worship?

The Cherokee Indians

What was the climate like in the territories belonging to Cherokee Indians?

what wah the climate like for the cherokee indians?

Are Mohawk Indians the same as Cherokee Indians?

No. The Cherokee were southern, the Mohawks were part of the Iroquis Confederacy.

How did Cherokee Indians make a living?

The Cherokee Indians were: farming, hunting and fishing to make a living!