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the Athens traded pottery and olive oil

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Did Athens not allow trade?

Athens Did allow trade. sparta didnt

How did ancient Athens trade?

Athens traded by ships and valued trade amongst people.

Which economy was based on agriculture and trade Athens or Sparta?

Athens was based on agriculture and trade

Did Athens support or avoid foreign trade?

Did Athens support or avoid foreign trade?

Where the Athens involved in trade?


What was the center of trade of Greece?


How did Athens get what it needed?

By trade and/or conquest.

Were Athens very involved in trade?


Was Athens was very involved in trade?


What greatly affected Athens economy?


Which sea did Athens have rule over?

Athens had a trade route, going across the Aegean Sea. Athens ruled over this sea.

What made trade easier in Athens in 570 b.c?

Athens began minting its own coinage.

In sparts trade and travel were discouraged but in Athens?


Was the Spartas or the Athens economy based on agriculture and trade?


What was the main economic activity in athens?

Overseas trade.

What is the main source of wealth in Athens?

trade and silver

How many years did Athens trade and sell pottery?

Athens traded and sold pottery for 50 years

Give one reason Athens turned to trade to provide for its population?

since athens had little farm land it relied on trade to meet its needs for food and other resources.

What was the economy of ancient Athens based on?

Their economy was based on trade!

What were Athens achievements?

Their Navy, trade and the arts are the biggest ones.

Was Athens involved with trade much?

It's prosperity depended on it.

Why didn't Sparta want to trade with Athens?

They still things

Who did Athens trade with?

Athens traded with Italy and Egypt. Their land was beside the sea so access to foreign countries was easy.

Why did Athens become a center of trade?

Its land was to small to support a burgeoning population, so it was necessary to trade to survive.

The main source of wealth in Athens was?

The main source was trade and silver