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because the colonist shot one of the tax collectors and everyone else got really scared of him so they shot they're business now there's a whole conflict between them. so yea....... basically that's it. don't ask anymore questions.

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Q: What did the colonist form that frighten the tax collectors?
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Secret societies that sometimes used violence to frighten tax collectors?

Sons of Liberty

Why did parliament pass tax collectors?

Britian was in war debt so they taxed the colonist to gain money

What violent act did the colonist sometimes performed on tax collectors?

Colonists would sometimes pour boilng tar on the tax collectors, and then throw feathers on them. This was an extremely painful process, called tar and feathering.

Did the colonist really feather and tar the tax collectors?

Yes they did they did because the Stamp act meant they had to pay taxes or paper so they didnt give money instead they feathered and fared the tax collectors

What did colonist do to tax collectors?

they put tar and feathers on the british tax collectors

How did the colonists end taxation without representation?

Congress had the power to raise taxes.

What did the colonist like about the stamp act?

they liked NOTHING about it, the only ones who liked it are the tax collectors and the king (king george 111)

What did sons of liberty do to tax collectors?

The Sons of Liberty tarred and feathered tax collectors as a form of protest against British taxation policies. This violent action was meant to intimidate tax collectors and discourage them from carrying out their duties.

What did the ''Whiskey Boys ''do to tax collectors?

The whiskey boys hurt the tax collectors all the time.

What are some jobs the loyalists had to do?

they had to take taxes from the colonists which were the (parliament people) and (tax collectors)(..........) =mean the people King George told to take taxes from the colonist.

Who were the tax collectors collecting tax for?

the king maybe

What key roles did many trusted nobles perform for the aztec emperors?

They were tax collectors and judges.