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colonists believed that witchcraft was a strange thing. they believed that witchcraft was against the religion that they celebrated and they hung whoever didn't confess to witchcraft.

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What did the colonist in Salem believe about witch craft?

The colonists of Salem, Massachusetts believed that witchcraft was unholy and nonreligious.

Does witchcraft really exist?

Witchcraft can exist in two forms or not in those forms for people who follow it, believe in it, or believe in something that others simply think is witchcraft.

What is the impact of witchcraft on society?

Most people either do not believe in it, or if they do, they fear evil witchcraft.

How many people believe in witchcraft?

Many people accross the world believe in Witchcraft. It is not possible to give an exact number because that is unknown.

Why did people believe in witchcraft in Stuart England?

People believed and still believe in Witchcraft in all parts of the world. It is just another religion.

Did Puritans believe in witchcraft and supernatural?

Yes they did. They so believed in witchcraft that they persecuted and killed anyone they felt was practicing witchcraft. See the link below.

Do Christians believe in witchcraft?

Sort of, they believe in the Devil & that's just an offshoot.

Did vikings believe in witches?

i think they might of believed in witchcraft but did they believe in witches

Does the book A Wrinkle in Time have witchcraft in it?

Well, it depends on your point of view. If you call tessering a form of witchcraft, then yes, it does have witchcraft. If you call eating fake dinners a form of witchcraft, then the book does have witchcraft. It's all up to you, and what you believe everything is about.

Did people believe in witchcraft in shakespearen time?


What religion believe in demonology only but not satanism?


What did the colonist believe was the cause of witchcraft?

because no witch

Is there a witchcraft spell that makes you money?

No, there is no evidence that witchcraft or supernatural spells are anything more than make believe.

Why do people believe in witchcraft?

From an anthropological perspective, it is the way in which people can explain unexplainable events. A person who has something bad happen to them may blame witchcraft for their misfortune. The person who does witchcraft may believe that they have power over the environment and other people.

Do you believe in witchcraft voodoo or faith healers?

No ! I believe in the teachings of the Byzantine Catholic Church.

What did King George believe the colonists were acting like?

What did king George believe the colonists were acting like

What did Elizabethans believe about witchcraft?

maybe they believed in faries and stuff

Who does wichcraft?

Pretty much anybody can do witchcraft if they believe in what they are doing.

Why did people believe in the witchcraft?

Superstition, resulting from spread of disease.

Why did the Elizabethans believe in witches and witchcraft?

Because they did.

What states in the US believe in witchcraft?

States are not entities the do not have beliefs.

Is saying good luck a form of witchcraft?

Some people may believe it is. It is not if the person saying does not believe it.

Why did people believe in witchcraft in the 1600s?

People believed in witchcraft during the 1600's because it served as a scapegoat for any misfortune they were experiencing.

Who does not believe in witchcraft in The Crucible?

Although many people do have some doubts about witchcraft. John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are the ones who openly deny it.

What did the Elizabethan believe in witches and witchcraft?

they believed tht cause there dum