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Q: What did the dutch say when it was bust like?
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How do you say gravy in Dutch?

'gravy' is in Dutch 'jus' but you don't say it like that. You say 'sju' (because it's a French word).

What are the release dates for City Confidential - 1998 Philadelphia Double Dutch Bust 3-10?

City Confidential - 1998 Philadelphia Double Dutch Bust 3-10 was released on: USA: 14 January 2000

How do you say do you like me in dutch?

That translates to 'Vind je me leuk?'

How do you say hey in dutch?

You can say "hey" in Dutch as well. But for saying "hello" in Dutch you can say "hallo" of "hoi".

What does Lady Gaga mean when she says 'bust that stick' in Love Game?

She doesn't say 'bust that stick', she says 'bust that kick'.

How do you say 'my' in Dutch?

"my" is in Dutch "mij".

How do say pronounce in Dutch?

You say: 'Uitspreken' in dutch

How do you say Larissa in Dutch?

How do you say Larissa in Dutch

How do you say Ms in dutch?

ok the pronunciation for it is MAFROW and you gotta role that R cause then it doesn't sound dutch. and say the ow ending like ow not O ok?

How do you say We like fish in Dutch?

Wij houden van vis

How do you say hope in dutch?

you pronounce it the same but you write it like this 'hoop'

How do you pronounce bust?

You pronounce the word bust like buhst.

How do you say 'like it too' in Dutch?

'I like it too' = 'Ik vind het ook leuk'

How do you say goal in dutch?

we say goal too and we say doel (oe like the oo in fool)

How do you say interior in Dutch?

In Dutch you say "interieur" or "inwendig".

How do you say sleep in dutch?

Slapen is how you say "Sleep" in Dutch.

How do you say beautiful in dutch?

In Dutch they use "mooi." In Flemish they say "schoon" what means "clean" in Dutch.

What is 'grandmother' in Dutch?

"Grootmoeder" is a Dutch equivalent of "Grandmother." But they usually say 'oma' what is something like 'granny'The Dutch adjective "groot" means "great, grand." The Dutch noun "moeder" means "mother." Its singular definite article is 'de' ("the").

What is 'How do you say this in Dutch' in Dutch?

Hoe zeg je dit in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this in Dutch'. Hoe zeg je dit woord in het nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'How do you say this word in Dutch'.

How do you say and a in Dutch?

If you mean and a like "A dog and a cat", it's "en een".

Say goodbye in dutch?

Tot (as in hot) ziens (sound like scenes)

How do you get a guy back after he breaks up with you?

you go see his girlfriend and you go say come here where is your car then you say I will bust the windows out your car out your car then you say do you like it now i know you do not because i bust the window out your car.

How do you say Ezekiel in Dutch language?

"Ezechiël" is how you say "Ezekiel" in Dutch.

What does bust mean?

It either means '' you are well busty '' as in Breasts If you are a girl or Bust as in your going to Bust someone like Catch them at whatever it is they are doing (: x

How do you say Natalie in dutch?

It's very hard to pronounce Dutch words and hard to write down how you should say it so you would get it right.. But the a's would be pronounced differently in Dutch and the rest would be the same. It would be like saying AAAAH when you're scared, that's the a you have to use in the name Natalie in Dutch.