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What did the first spacemen do on the moon?

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2007-08-13 10:29:22

I'm not positive but I belived he just walked and then jumped to

test gravity Armstrong and Aldrin collected rocks and samples of

the lunar soil during their relatively short time on the


They installed and conducted a number of experiments to analyze

soil, solar wind, moon quakes, lunar dust, seismic activity, and a

laser experiment to measure the distance between the Moon and


Later missions performed a greater number of experiments as more

became known of man's capabilities in space. In addition, they left

a memorial to astronauts and cosmonauts who had died, and placed an

American flag which later fell as the lunar module ascent stage

blasted off from the surface.

Once inside the lunar module, they ate, slept and Aldrin even

took communion in a private ceremony.

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