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It prohibited the reading of any antislavery petitions in the House. It caused a lot of conflict before the Civil War.

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The gag rule of 1836 was passed by the house of Representatives. The purpose of this was to prevent any discussion of abolishing slavery.

stipulated that antislavery petitions received by the House would be automatically tabled.

The strict rule passed by pro-southern congressmen in 1836 that prohibited all discussion of slavery was called a gag rule. A congressman that tried to talk about slavery could then be fined for disobeying the rule.

A law passed through Congress muting all anti-slavery petitions in the 1800s

Petitions to Congress by abolitionists caused the Gag Rule of 1835..

The strict rules that were passed by congressmen who supported the South were called gag resolutions. The purpose of the resolutions was to prohibit discussions of slavery.

At the time, large anti-slavery forces and sentiment arose in the United States. People felt they had the right to petition according the the 1st Amendment which granted freedom of speech, press and petition. The Gag Rule meant that Congress refused to hear petitions related to slavery and the slave trade, and all such petitions were tabled for about a decade. The rule or resolution was partly implemented to reduce "junk mail".Americans revolted against the Gag Resolution, claiming they had the right to petition Congress and that the gag rule attacked their fundamental constitutional rights

I am not sure which rule you are asking about, since there were many rules and laws that southern congressmen passed over the years. Perhaps you are referring to the "Gag Rules" which were passed during the 1830s; they were passed by pro-slavery members of congress, who wanted to prevent anti-slavery proponents from discussing any petitions, or proposing any legislation, that demanded an end to slavery.

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to prevent the reading of antislavery petitions in Congress. :)

a law that prohibited the dabate and discussion of slavery in congress

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The abolitionist movement suffered a temporary political defeat through the gag rule. This was an effort to eliminate slavery by making it illegal for any US citizen to own a slave.

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