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  1. The great Compromise, or Connecticut Compromise, set up Congress by havin a fight.
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Q: What did the great compromise or Connecticut compromise decide?
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The Connecticut compromise was created by?

Roger Sherman and Olliver Ellsworth, delegates from Connecticut are the framers of the Great Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise.

What is aonther name for the Connecticut comprimise?

The Connecticut Compromise was also called the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise.

Which of these was known as the great compromise Connecticut compromise three fifth compromise new jersey plan vagina plan?

connecticut compromise

What is the plan called for a bicameral legislative?

Great compromise or Connecticut Compromise

Which state offered great compromise?


Which plan proposed that bills to raise money would originate in the lower house?

Connecticut Compromise

During what year did the Connecticut Compromise take place?

"The Connecticut Compromise, otherwise know as the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise, occurred on May 29, 1787."

Who designed the Great Compromise and was called The Great Compromiser?

The Great Compromise or Connecticut Compromise was proposed by Connecticut delegate Roger Sherman to combine both the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan.

What is the major compromise that led to the formation of a bicameral legislature in the federal government?

The Great Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise.

What major compromise was a combination of the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan?

The Connecticut Compromise

What was the Connecticut compromised also called?

the great compromise

What are the main points of the Connecticut plan?

it was a great compromise.