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Watts up? (Get it? What's up? Watts- the amount of energy/electricity in the bulb) hahahaha

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Swan invented the light bulb in 1878. Edison spent a year trying to improve it and filed a patent in the US a year later. The two men never met but decided to settle out of court and formed the Ediswan company

Lowering voltage will lower power consumption, but there will come a point where the desired operation of the device will not be met. For example if you had a variable voltage like a dimmer on a light bulb, you can reduce the voltage to a point where the bulb no longer emits a useful amount of light.

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Pull the metal retaining clips holding the cover to the side, unplug the lead attached to the bulb and pull the met clip from the top to release the bulb.

If it's an incandescent light bulb, then it will glow even with direct current. It's a question of current, not frequency. Incandescent light bulbs were used heavily primarily due to their low costs of production and their compatibility with the industry-standard AC delivered to customers, not the other way around.If, however, we're talking about a compact light (a fluorescent light), then it will most likely not light up - in typical linear fluorescent lights certain criteria must be met in order for the lamp to light up; in case of compact "energy savers", additional electronics is provided to start the lamp, and it up-converts the mains frequency (among other things), so I don't think this one would light up either.

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There will be tombs you go into when you get further and more powerful that have ghosts and shades, and other things like that. I first met a shade when I talked to the goddess of light "Meridia" and she had me cleanse her tomb of the dark spirits. She will give you a sword of light that does fire damage, and causes a harmful to enemy explosion when an enemy dies.

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