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Watts up? (Get it? What's up? Watts- the amount of energy/electricity in the bulb) hahahaha

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Q: What did the light bulb say to the other light bulb when they first met?
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When did Thomas Edison improve the light bulb from Joseph Swan?

Swan invented the light bulb in 1878. Edison spent a year trying to improve it and filed a patent in the US a year later. The two men never met but decided to settle out of court and formed the Ediswan company

Does a low voltage supply increase power consumption?

Lowering voltage will lower power consumption, but there will come a point where the desired operation of the device will not be met. For example if you had a variable voltage like a dimmer on a light bulb, you can reduce the voltage to a point where the bulb no longer emits a useful amount of light.

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Pull the metal retaining clips holding the cover to the side, unplug the lead attached to the bulb and pull the met clip from the top to release the bulb.

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When you give 5 hz current to bulb in ac circuit then it will glow?

If it's an incandescent light bulb, then it will glow even with direct current. It's a question of current, not frequency. Incandescent light bulbs were used heavily primarily due to their low costs of production and their compatibility with the industry-standard AC delivered to customers, not the other way around.If, however, we're talking about a compact light (a fluorescent light), then it will most likely not light up - in typical linear fluorescent lights certain criteria must be met in order for the lamp to light up; in case of compact "energy savers", additional electronics is provided to start the lamp, and it up-converts the mains frequency (among other things), so I don't think this one would light up either.

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