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lorenzo or anyone in class 7-230 this is my world and no one will find tis i changed it

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Q: What did the paintings produced by students from the Hudson river school reflect?
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There was great public interest in the paintings of this art movement as the American frontier expanded westward?

Hudson River School

What paintings were the Hudson River School dedicated to?

American landscapes.

What kind of paintings did the Hudson river school produced?

Landscapes. While other types of art movements around that time focused on an object or something special, like a person, they painted backgrounds. Like trees, mountains, etc.

How did the Hudson River School promote Nationalism?

In their paintings they wanted to show the natural beauty of the US.

Who produced the song act like a women by Jennifer Hudson?


Was Thomas Cole paintings 1st generation painting of the Hudson River School or 2nd generation?

Thomas Cole was a first generation Hudson River School painter and was, in fact, considered the father of the overall art movement known as the Hudson River School.

What type of art did the Hudson river school focus on to reflect a spirit of nationalism?

The Hudson River School was an art movement that was influenced by Romanticism. The focused on landscapes. Hudson River School artists believed that nature in the form of the American Landscape was an "ineffable manifestation of God."

What mines between which two bodies of water produced gold for Egyptian jewelry?

Nile and Hudson

How did later works like the scarlet letter and the Hudson river school reflect a change in American art and literature?

brought back emotions for nature

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