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What did the pilgrims call lunch?

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The word means traveler in a foreign land.

special instrument of god

The separatists who came to America called themselves pilgrims. Separatist pilgrims thought of themselves as being on a religious journey.

sons and daughters. sons and daughters.

It depends: if they are speaking English it would be lunch. If they are speaking French it would be déjeuner

They probably didn't call each other pilgrims - I believe the name for them wasn't invented yet. They probably called each other friend, by their name, or by their state in their little groups. Mkaddict12: They were referred to as the Separatists, and the name Pilgrim was invented years later.

You could call them settlers. Puritans was another term they used.Also immigrants.

The direct object of the verb 'will have to call' is John.

Many pilgrims called themselves Puritans since they belonged to the Puritan sect known as the Separatists.

Because their journey had a religious purpose

You dont, give them your number and they call you ----------- The best time to call the interviewer or the company is after lunch or an hour before closing time.

England, Great Britain, however you call it.

Snacks in between breakfast and lunch are called brunch.Additional information:In the U.S., a snack between breakfast and lunch is called a Coffee Break."Brunch" generally connotes a mid-morning meal that replaces both breakfast and lunch.

In English, such people are on a pilgrimage, and they are called pilgrims.

you got that right bra. the awnser is patuext

He was not familiar with them. They were just other passengers on the Mayflower.

the pilgrims and the wampanoag celebrated because they were thankful for the food (corn and animals) that the harvested and hunted. we call this celebration today THANKSGIVING

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