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the drafting of soldiers

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Q: What did the selective service system oversee?
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When was Selective Service System created?

Selective Service System was created in 1917.

What does SSS stand for?

Selective Service System.

How do you use selective service in a sentence?

Example: Selective service in the US was sometimes inconsistent in assigning draft status. (note that this could also be capitalized Selective Service) *The term "selective service" is a euphemism for a type of draft system, or conscription. The US agency known as the Selective Service System eventually consisted of both decisional and random components, choosing "some" individuals (from those deemed to be qualified) to be conscripted into military service.

Define Selective Service Act?

what was selective service act

How can I find my selective service number?

how can I find my selective service

Which term describes the system of enforced military service instituted in the north?

Conscription, Selective Service, the draft.

Who provided free education and loan guarantess to veterans?

The Selective Service System.

This expanded the draft and eventually provided 10 million soldiers?

Selective service system

What was the selective service system and how did it help the united States meet manpower needs?

it war

How selective service system help whit the effor of world war 2?

The selective service system allowed the Armed forces to control the amount of men and women according to a schedule. It was too difficult to accept millions of men joining all at once and to get them trained. By doing the selective service method they could bring in a certain amount according to the training schedules.

What is a result of the selective service act?

The selective service act is the requirement of all young men to register by the time they turn 18, with selective service, in the event of a draft.

What would happen if I refuse to sign the selective service system when I turn 18?

If you do not sign up for selective service, you can have your driver's license revoked. You can cannot receive food stamps or government assistance either.

If you are not signed with the selective service system can you still be an ncis agent?

Only if you are female. NCIS Special Agents must obtain a Top Secret Clearance. To be eligible for a TS, males must have registered with selective service.

How did Americans respond to the selective service act?

In 1917, the selective service act was passed. The selective service was the draft. In the United States, the young men felt it was against the 13th amendment.

What happens if someone is over the age of 25 and has not registered with selective service?

To my knowledge there is no selective service at this time.......

how can i get a grant if i didnt sign up for the selective service?

how can i get a grant if i didnt sign up for the selective service

True or false the selective service system provided free education and loan guarantees to veterans?


Why must all men register for selective service?

when must all men register for the selective service

What power allows congress to draft people into the armed forces?

The Selective Service Act. The act states that any male that is about to turn 18 must sign up to draft. Congress has trusted the Selective Service System to handle this process.

Where can you find your Selective Service number?

Your selective service number is your social security number. This has been this way since 1973.

What required men to register with the government for random military service?

The Selective Service Act, although the definition you give of it is a bit misleading.

You lost your selective service number?

Copies of proof of registration may be obtained by calling the Selective Service at (847)688-6888. You may also obtain a copy by writing to: Selective Service System, P.O. Box 94638, Palatine, Illinois, 60094-4638. Make sure to provide your name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and current mailing address.

According to the Selective Service Act the order in which men were called to service would be determined by?

according to the selective service act the order in which men were called to service would be determined buy?

Who must sign up for the selective service?

All US males must register for Selective Service at the age of eighteen (18).

What was Hillary Clinton's selective service status during the Vietnam war?

Women have never been required - or allowed - to register for Selective Service.