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all of his building projects were created through the use of ____________ labor.

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Q: What did the tomb of Qin Shi Huang look like when it was built?
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Where in Qins tomb were the Terracotta Soldiers?

The tomb of Qin Shi Huang is actually more like a city. The soldiers themselves are in three pits east of this and the tomb itself.

In what year was Qin Shi Huang di's tomb built?

It is said that Qin Shi Huangdi's tomb started being built around 220 BC but it has not been confirmed yet.

When and how was Shih Huang Ti's tomb found?

Shih Huang Ti's tomb was discovered by his high officials workers

Is Qin Shi Huang di's tomb considered art?

his tomb is considered art

What was in the tomb of Shi Huang?

The terra-cotta army

What emperor ordered the terra cotta army to be built and why?

Qin shi huang . Because he want to protect his tomb ,to bost his power and show what loyalty to him after his death.

What are the monuments built by shahryar?

Jahangir is Akbar's son. He finished Abkar's tomb for Akbar. Jahangir built the Tomb of Itmad-ud-daula. Jahangir also built his own palace, that is the Jahangir Mahal.He has built many gardens, like Nishat and Shalimar.

What did Cleopatras tomb look like?

We can't say for certain because the tomb that she built for herself is at present underwater and only parts of it have been recovered.It is believed to have been washed to sea, though her tomb has never actually been found along with Alexander the Great.

What does a pharaohs tomb look like?

I am not sure, but a pharaohs tomb looks like a giant boxed room.

Who built anarkali tomb?

Anarkali's tomb is supposed to be built Salim(Jahangir) after Akbar's death.

Where in China is Shi Huang Ti Tomb located?

Middle of china, but a little to the east. ;)

What does the outside of king tuts tomb look like?

a pyramid