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What did the transcendentalist believe?

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2014-12-20 00:26:13

Transcendentalist Beliefs -The spiritual unity of all

forms of being with God, Humanity, and Nature all sharing a

universal soul, the Over soul -The inherent goodness (divinity!) of

Man and Nature -The value of individualism -The

belief that the natural world is symbolic of the spirit world -The

"Lemon Pie" theory (to know the part is to know the whole) -That

Society is the source of corruptible, distracting

materialism -That Man is naturally good, even divine,

because of his Divine Intellect -That Nature is

inherently good because it is symbolic of the spirit

(God) --That God, the Over soul, is the universal soul that

permeates all being (much like "the Force")

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