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that all different people have different opinions on the holocust that all different people have different opinions on the holocust

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Did the world learn from what Hitler did and the Holocaust?


Why do you continue to learn about the Holocaust?

it was the biggest mass murder in the world

Why did the Holocaust continue to the end of World War 2?

Not until after the war did they learn the full extent of the horror and inhumanity of the Holocaust. _____ The Holocaust was organized by ideological fanatics.

What are 2 reasons people should have to learn about the Holocaust?

tworeasons we should learn about the holocaust

What lessons has the world learned from the Holocaust?

the world learned to except people for who they are as humans and not by judging there race or religion. also that what happened during the Holocaust was horrible and inhuman. the Holocaust was a very dark time in worlds history. and some countries have yet to learn there lesson.

What can people learn from the holocaust?

Such an atrocity as the holocaust should never be allowed to happen again.

Why should kids learn about the Holocaust?

Children (and adults) need to learn about the Holocaust so that they can see what evil people can be led to do. Hopefully, with the proper lessons, the children will learn how to prevent a situation like the Holocaust from ever happening again. _______________ The Holocaust is considered one of the key events of the 20th century and is widely talked about.

When should kids learn about the Holocaust?

Kids should learn about the Holocaust when they are in 5th or 6th grade, they should be able to understand everything and not be exposed to too much inappropriate things about the Holocaust at a young age.

What can we learn from the massive size and scope of the Holocaust?


When did Americans first learn about the Holocaust?

The media carried reports of the Holocaust from about the middle of 1942 onwards.

What can the world do to prevent the holocaust from happening?

The world ended the Holocaust in 1945.

What did people learn from the the Holocaust?

Many people learn a lot from the Holocaust. There is a lot to learn from the Holocaust. So that is a broad question you would have to make it more specific to get a exact answer. But the reason people study it and even study history at all is to not make the same mistakes that we did in the past.

Was the Holocaust a part of World War I?

No, the Holocaust occurred in World War II

Was the holocaust in World War I or 2?

The holocaust was during World War 2

What has been done to support the Holocaust denial?

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

Where is the Holocaust memorial?

There are lots of Holocaust memorials in the world.

Why is Anne Frank's diary important?

Because it tell an important story and it educates the world of lives of real people during the Holocaust.It is important because it was written by a Jew in hiding during the Holocaust; it shows how traumatic and difficult it was for Jews during the Holocaust. And if you want to learn more about the Holocaust, it's a good read!!

How is World War 2 related to the Holocaust?

World War II isn't related to the Holocaust because the Holocaust was one of the events in World War II.

Why do students have to learn about the holocaust?

Its much important to learn because its necessary for every student to know about it.

Why should American students learn about the Holocaust?

because it is important to learn the history of other countries

How can you learn about survivors of the Holocaust?

Read Elie Wiesel, Night.

Do Germans learn about the Holocaust?

Yes, it is taught in German schools.

Why must you learn the Holocaust?

So that history does not repeat itself.

How did the world respond to the Holocaust?

While the Holocaust was taking place most of the world did not want to know about it.

The Holocaust begin in 1940 after World War 2?

The Holocaust was during World War 2

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