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During the Holocaust, there was a war going on and Immigration to the US was basically halted.

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About six million.

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Q: How many peaple died during the Holocaust?
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How many Japanese died in the Holocaust?

None. The Japanese were not targeted during the Holocaust.

How many blacks were there during the Holocaust?

It is estimated that 25,000 to 50,000 African Germans died during the holocaust.

How many clowns died during the Holocaust?

I don't really think that question can be answered, because nobody counted how many of a certain profession died in the holocaust, that's like saying "How many Doctors died during the holocaust?", there isn't really an answer to the question but it could of been many due to the fact that many adults died during the holocaust and some of them could of been clowns...

How many political prisoners died during the Holocaust?

Around 200,000 political prisoners were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.

How many pregnant women died during the holocaust?


How many people died in Romania during the holocaust?


How many peaple died in the US Civil War?


How many children in the Holocaust's parents died during the Holocaust?

11 million people were killed. Think about that.

Who were the non jews that died in the Holocaust?

Many, many, non-Jews were persecuted during the Holocaust. Some of Hitler's other main targets were Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, the disabled, and homosexuals. Millions of Soviets and Poles died during the Holocaust as well.

How many people died in Australia during the Jewish holocaust?


How many Jews died in Berlin during the Holocaust?

65000 60%

How many people died during the holocaust in rwanda?

937,000 people