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What did they ration?


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i don't really know all of them but they did ration meat, cheese, candy and chocolate. that's probably the only things i know that they rationed, oh and i think they also rationed clothes, I also think that they rationed eggs.

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Ration coupons is a plural noun. The singular is ration coupon.

In Tamilnadu ration shops are opened by 8.30 am to 12 pm

Ration books is a plural noun. The singular is ration book.

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To ration food during wartime.

I think it is half an adults ration.

Ration Blues was created in 1943.

From Latin 'ration' the stem of 'ratio' meaning a reckoning or an account, The word passed into Old French as 'reisun' and then into 10th century English as 'resoun' later becoming ration

They used ration coupons to get food and other necessities.

A ration book was introduced on the 8th January 1940

Food was divied using ration tickets, and so was oil and sugar.

Ration books were handed out during the World War 2, to help ration food, fuels & other important products.

all the ration book stamps were worth £30.00.that is one ration book only.

Not sure about the ration bit, but I suspect that the answer is a percentage.

During World War 2 ration cards were used due to the shortage of food. Food was therefore rationed and could not be obtained without the ration card thus ensuring everyone had their correct allowance (Ration).

Ration stamps were used to even distribute goods that were in limited supply. Each person in a household was issued a ration book. In addition to paying for the items, the proper ration stamps had to be given to the shopkeepers to get certain things.

basically everything, people had ration books for just sugar

Example sentence - The daily ration was barely enough to sustain life.

its easy all you ned to do is make a book with ration on the front lol

If it were possible you might run out of food, it would be wise to ration it.

called ration books or ration coupons.

The word ration has two syllables. The syllables of the word are ra-tion.

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