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Annie Oakley accomplished being the sharp shooter in the wild west and shows because she could look into a mirror and have the gun over her shoulder and make a bulls eye.

she made it able for girls to shoot a gun.

As a headliner in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West show for 17 years.

""Aim at a high mark and you will hit it, No , not the first time, nor the second, and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting. Finally you'll hit the bull's-eye of success, for only practice will make you perfect.""- Annie Oakley

Her attitude was a huge problem, but what Annie wanted to do was make her able to understand the world and realize that everything has a name.

Meredith L. Oakley has written: 'On the Make' -- subject(s): Presidents, Biography

It was a skill that she had. There was an opportunity to make a good living at it, and the financial opportunity was better then being a laundress which was the equivalent of a 2010 burger flipper. She knew nothing about show business but she could learn the ropes and she did.

there really is no cheat to beat her. you have to just keep trying and sooner or later you will beat her. but make sure you dont close the contest because if you do you will have to start all over. i hope this answer was helpful

Probaly oakley because they make sunglasses that are pretty clear so id have to say oakley

Oakley is know for making high quality sunglasses. They do not specialized in making sunglass accessories.

yes they do, if you contact oakley and ask them for it they will custom make one but its very ewxpensive. only oakley provides this.

they both have differences kind of materials in their clothes and their cultures are differences. Specially designer make new kinds of clothes in the world.

Buffalo Bill, aka William F. Cody, was made famous the world over by his traveling show, "Buffalo Bill' Wild West." His show featured not only himself, but also such heroes as sharpshooter Annie Oakley, Buck Taylor -- the first King of the Cowboys, and Chief Sitting Bull.

Annie Oakley was extremely poor. Her father died when she was six and her mother was unable to support Annie and her siblings. Annie was presently sent to the Darke County Infirmary, which was an asylum, where she was assigned chores to help the administrator. She was recruited by a local farmer and his wife from nearby Preble, presumably to work as a mother's help, but by most accounts they grievously abused the poor child from ages 10-12. Eventually she ran away and managed to make her way home to Woodland, Ohio, but by then she had scars on her back and her psyche. In later years she recalled her childhood as happy, but this must've been a form of denial since she was deprived of her mother's care and forced to work long hours as a prisoner in the home of an abusive couple.

There would be no differences in the world. It is very seldom an individual can make a global impact.

Yes she wore alot of them alot of when she was shooting so nothing would get in the way. Also she always wore here hair up or down just make sure it is out of your face so it looks like nothing can get in the way when you are pretndng to shoot!

he or she makes Fifty five thousand pounds a year

£36 million moneys per year.

$60,400 - $62,430 a year.

Oakley is a great producer of clothing and accessories. They try to make standard items which are good not only in look but also in having healthy effects on people. They combine physics with art.

The differences between individuals that separate them from one another and make one as a unique individual in oneself are termed as individual differences.

This question doesn't make sense. Oakley versus Oakley. A one-piece lense versus a one-piece lense. The Conduct is built to be light and the Oil Rig is built to be rugged-looking. So if you want something light go with conducts if you want something a bit heavier go with oil rigs. Both glasses are typically worn by "tools" especially if you ask for them in white

The differences between individuals that separate them from one another and make one as a unique individual in oneself are termed as individual differences.

that they are kinda similar but have enough differences that make them a different species.