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The twin cams on a 1997 Kia Sportage turn clockwise.

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Q: What direction does the twin cams turn on a 1997 Kia sportage?
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Would the twin cams turn in the same direction on a 1997 kia sportage?

Yes. The belt goes over both cams at the same time traveling in the same direction.

What direction do you turn the 21mm center bolt when taking off the crank pully on a 1997 kia sportage?


How do you do the turn up at Kia Sportage 1997?

i have a 2003 kia how u turnup it

What direction do the 21MM center bolt on the crank pully turn to take off on a 1997 kia sportage?

counter clockwise. That is once you'ved braced the engine so it won't turn when you try to undo it.

2001 Kia Sportage will not turn ove why?

2001 kia sportage will not turn any gears

Where is the caster-camber adjustment on a 1990 Chevrolet 2WD Truck?

There should be two cams on each upper control arm. Look at it and see how each will cam will affect both camber and caster. To change caster, move cams of control arm in opposite direction the same amount. To change camber, turn both cams an equal amount in the same direction. Either way, readjust toe when done as it will have changed.

1993 Nissan bluebird turns over no start will cams turn if chain broken?

no the cams shouldn't turn if the chain is brokrn. It may be streched and or the tentioner may be worn out.

Which direction do you turn the oil pan bolt on a 1997 Oldsmobile silouette it wont come off?

Counter clock-wise

Your 1999 Kia Sportage will not turn over?

may be out of timing or check starter

Where is the temperature gauge on a 2008 kia sportage?

The 2008 Kia Sportage's temp gauge is located on the instrument cluster but is unlit. It illuminates momentarily when you turn the ignition switch on.

What is the function of cams in an engine?

a cam in engine is to operate the lifters which in turn open and close the inlet and exhaust valves

Why does 1997 maxi-ma squeak when you turn in either direction after starting?

Either your belt is worn out or your power steering pump is low on fluid or needs replaced.

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