What direction does your shadow point to at night?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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It depends on the lighting. If there is no lighting, then no shadow.

can any one explain me what is light?

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Q: What direction does your shadow point to at night?
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What direction does the shadow point at night under a street light?

Directly under the streetlight there is no shadow. If an object is not directly under the light then the shadow starts at the base of the object and points away from the light.

When the sun rises in the morning what direction will a shadow point?

rising in east will point a shadow to west

When was Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night created?

Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night was created in 1973-05.

Why do you need to extend the shadow to the opposite direction?

I'm not sure I understand what your asking, but if I do know, its because the sun stays in one place (at least for the time being), and no matter what direction you turn your shadow will point the same direction. If I actually have no idea what you're asking, try clarifying a little more and I'll try again.

What is the direction of a shadow?

Away from the light.

What happens to flametail?

I think she will become lead med cat in shadow clan she also will have a point of view in night whispers

What causes the direction of shadows?

The direction from which light hits an object determines the direction of the shadow it makes

How do you say 'night shadow' in Japanese?

The phrase 'night shadow' would be translated as 夜の影 (yoru no kage) in Japanese. This may also be used to mean 'shadow of the night'.

If it is 300 pm which direction is your shadow in?

The exact direction will depend on your geographical location. The general direction will be towards the east, since the Sun will be towards the west. In general, the shadow is opposite to the Sun.

How can you tell where the Sun is by looking at your shadow?

The shadow faces the opposite direction from where the light is coing from.

Which Pokemon move is better night slash or shadow ball?

Shadow Ball

Why is your shadow sometimes in front of you and sometimes. behind you?

Your shadow will fall in the direction opposite the source of light - with you between the light source and the shadow. The direction of your shadow relative to you will depend on what direction you are facing.If you are facing toward the light source, the shadow will be behind you.If you are facing away from the light source, it will be in front of you.If you have the light source to your right, the shadow will be to your left.If you have the light source to your left, the shadow will be to your right.If the light source is directly above you, the shadow will be directly under you.If you move past a light source, your shadow will move from behind you to beside you and then to in front of you.