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The term coined by journalist John O' Sullivan in 1845 has been used to distort US history. This idea was supposedly why Americans moved to the US western frontiers as a way to put forth the idea that America's democracy and Protestantism had a destiny given to the US by Providence to spread the US society world wide and part of this was to settle westward.This idea is fully without merit.

In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase was made that significantly enlarged the US. This was a practical move and it had nothing to do with manifest destiny.

Americans moved west to find gold in California, to obtain free land via the Homestead Act, and build railroads in the interest of expanding the nations infrastructure.

Yes, a small amount of die hard Protestant evangelicals took to the manifest idea, however, it was not part of why Americans sttled the west, nor why the US fought the Mexican war.

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They were moving west from the east coast.

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Q: What direction were the American moving in the manifestity destiny?
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