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That's not determined by the bike, but by the make & model of the brakes used - and that can change between the different versions/build year of the bike. If you look at your bike there's usually a brand name on the brake, possibly a model name too. That'll help you figure out which type of pads to get.

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Q: What disc brake pads fit a saracen mantra mountain bike?
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Is a saracen bike better than a barracuda bike?

Saracen is a far better make Especially with their 2010 bike

What is a Dyno mountain bike disc brake full suspension?

The Dyno mountain bike with full suspension and disc brakes is called "Fierce" I had one myself. It was an amazing bike!

What do you call it with the brake is on the centre of the wheel on a mountain bike?

Likely it is a Disk brake. Unless you apply the brakes by peddling backwards, those are a form of drum brake.

How can you tell if your mountain bike rims are disc brake ready?

It's no trouble at all using supposedly rim brake rims with disc brakes, nothing will happen because of that. But your hubs has to be able to take a brake rotor and your fork/frame has to be able to take a brake caliper if you want to put disc brakes on your bike.

What is important to know for buying a mountain bike?

1.You should look for material and frame of the mountain bikes (The bike made with aluminum alloy is the most commonly considerable mountain bike) 2.Check the type of brake (Disc type or rim brakes) Always go for Disc type. 3.Wheel size of the bike is another important factor. More choices of mountain bikes are here,outdoorpursuites/best-hardtail-mountain-bikes/

How do you fix the brake-pads in a mountain bike?

Depends on if it's a disc brake or rim braked bike. And then there are differences between brands. Head over to, or to find out more. For disc brake bikes, see if you can identify the brand, then go visit their website. They often post maintenance instsructions there.

Is a back brake on a mountain bike the one that stops you the most?

Actually, no. It's more difficult for the back brake to stop a bicycle as the bicycle is pulling away from the rear wheel. The front brake stops a bicycle more efficiently because the weight of the bike is pushing forward into the front wheel. But it's important not to rely on only a front brake. The front brake can stop the bike so well that the weight of the bike can shift up and over the front axle creating what is often referred to as an "endo" and will toss the rider over the handlebars.

How do you brake slowly with bike hand brakes?

if you squeeze the lever slowly, the bike will brake slowly.

When did Mountain Bike Rally happen?

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Why not ride a mountain bike on the road?

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What is the focus of Mountain Bike magazine?

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