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Anne Frank died in a concentration camp. She died of a disease called Epidemic typhus. Epidemic typhus is a bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas.

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Q: What disease did Anne Frank have?
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Related questions

What diese did Anne Frank have when she died?

Anne Frank had a disease called typhus. First her sister Margot got the disease and died and then she did.

Disease that claimed Anne Frank's life?

the disease that took anne's life is called typhus

What is typhra?

Typhra is a disease which Anne frank suffered from during Concentration camp. Typhra is a disease which Anne frank suffered from during Concentration camp.

How were margot and Anne Frank killed?

Anne and Margot Frank were killed by a typhus disease in a concentration camp.

What disease did Anne Frank have when she died?


Did Anne Frank have lice?

Yes Anne Frank had lice. She died fromTyphus disease which is from having lice tto long

Was Anne Frank a slave?

Anne Frank was not a slave. She was a holocaust victim. She died in the holocaust because she caught the disease, "Typhus".

What way did Anne Frank die?

Anne died from a disease called typhus

What disease did Anne Frank die of?

AnswerAnne Frank died of typhus and starvation in the concentration camp.

How did an Frank die?

Anne Frank died because of the NAZI.The NAZI sent Anne Frank to camp.Some Jews kids were killed in that camp Anne Frank was one of them.They died because NAZI fed Jews kids little foods and water and plenty of diseases.Anne Frank got a disease called typhus.In late Febuary or early March of 1945, Anne Frank died of hunger and disease.

What were the symptoms of Anne Frank's disease?

anne frank suffured and died of typhns which was a diesea that spread-edrapidyly in oncentration camps and ghethos.

What was happening in 1942-1945 during anne Frank's capture?

They were sent to the last of the trains to the concentration camp. Then first Anne's mother died of starvation then Margot Frank (Anne's sister) died of disease then Anne died a several days later with the same disease.

What eventually happened to Anne Frank?

Anne frank was not killed but died of a disease because of unhygienic conditions at a concentration camp this also happend to her sister- Margot frank.

How did Anne Frank get thyphus?

Typhus was really spreading during the Holocaust times. So many people died from the disease. Anne Frank and her sister both died from typhus. Typhus is a contagious disease.

Who witnessed Anne Frank's death?

i read a article about a woman who was in the concentration camp with anne frank her name is Irma menkel. anne died of a disease called typhus it was a disease that killed so many in the camp and starvation . Margot anne's sister also died from the disease irma was 100 yrs old when she told her holocaust story.

When where and how Anne Frank die?

Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen-Belson Concentration Camp in March 1945 after her sister, Margot, died of the same disease.

What were the symptoms of Anne Frank's death?

Anne Frank suffered and died of typhus which was a disease that spread-ed rapidly in concentration camps and ghettos.

What condition did Anne Frank die in?

Anne Edith and marggot frank died in bad conditions half of why they died was from starvation but also Anne and marggot died of typhus and her mothers disease is unknown.

How did Anne Frank die and where did she die?

Anne Frank died in Bergen-Belsen. Both Anne and Margot Frank contracted a disease in late February or early March of 1945. Anne died from the typhus epidemic and Margot while in a coma somehow rolled from her bed and died.

What disease did Anne Frank die from?

She died from TBTyphus.

When where and how did ann die?

Anne frank died from a vomiting and diaria disease

How was Anne Frank affected by World War 2?

Anne Frank was a Jew living in German occupied Holland during WWII. The ramifications of that should be obvious to everyone. Anne Frank died during the war as a result of disease in a concentration camp.

Did Anne Frank die in a gas chamber?

No, Anne Frank died from Typhus March 1945 in Bergen - Belsen Camp. A few days after her older sister Margot Frank died from the same disease. She died from Typhus beause the disease were rampant in the camp and she was also starved of food.

How did you get out of a concentration camp?

anne frank DIED of a disease called typhus. Only her father Otto Frank survived.

Was Anne Frank even gassed at all?

No, she died of disease in the concentration camps.