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What do 12-year-old kids do when they are sad?

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Twelve year old people are at a point in life where their body is changing, that includes their mind, thoughts and emotions. They are learning things about themselves and life, and literally can become differant people everyday. Not being experianced in lifes ups and downs, everything is a huge problem, simply because it's the first time they have heard of, or encountered that certain experiance. It's important they have an authoritive figure, that they trust to talk to, and teach them that asking questions, as embarassing as they may be, is absolutely nescessary and normal. Getting them over there fears of talking about feelings, and admitting they don't can be hard, at the age of twelve, they're still young enough to know everything. The above poster is correct. Children of this age don't always go to their parents with problems because they could be embarrassed or feel their parents wouldn't understand. Sometimes parents are busy or are both working and don't always realize their children are changing and need some advice. The best thing to do is either see your minister or pastor, or, if you have a good friend that is older than you are (even a cousin) that you can trust then tell your problem to them. They aren't as young as you, but aren't all that much older either. Ask someone who is around 18 - 25 years old. They've had enough life to have some wisdom, but also can see your side to your problem more clearly than most people that are older. ALL children that are 12 years old and going through changes are basically in the same boat, so don't for a minute think you are alone or different. Sometimes a grandparent can help too as they might have been sad when they were younger and have come out the other side and they may also have more time to listen than a younger person. Good Luck

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