What do Americans like to eat?

Americans like to eat many, many different kinds of food as there are many kinds of food to choose from here. Different parts of the country eat different types of food and more often than not, the way a dish is prepared is dependent upon multiple factors including which part of the country the preparer is from.

Everyone is different; some like fish, some hate fish, some enjoy peanut butter and some think it's disgusting. Some people cannot imagine the dinner table without meat of some kind on it while others have sworn off eating meat altogether.

Because of the number of international restauarants we have in the US, many Americans enjoy food that would not ordinarily be considered American food. On the flip side, American restaurant chains, particularly fast food chains, are now present internationally which makes them available to the world and not just Americans.

There is no one, definitive answer on what Americans like to eat. We are all very different in our tastes in food.