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Arbain horses are hard to describe--go to and type in Arabian horses.

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The Arabian is a man made breed and thus it's home will look like where ever it's owner keeps it.

Arabian horses, like all other horse breeds and mammals is a Vertebrate.

Arabian horses first originated on the Arabian Peninsula.

They do not. Currently there are *no* wild, purebred Arabian horses. Yes, I am sure the mustangs have some Arabian blood, but there are not any wild Arabian horses. All Arabian horses known today are domestic.

Arabian horses themselves do not have rituals.

Arabian horses can get up to 15hh.

Arabian horses. A for Amazing.

Polish Arabian horses are Arabians that have lineage that goes back to horses from Poland. They are registered just like normal Arabian's, through AHA

no Arabian horses are a mixed bread. No horses were in the wild right before the Arabian were bread.

The population of the Arabian horses living in the Arabian desert is currently unknown.

Arabian Horses are not actually a "species" but a "breed" of horse. Like there are Thoroughbred, and Saddlebred horses, they are all separate horse breeds.The Arabian breed of horse is a particularily appreciated one. Arabian horses are particulairly beautiful and elegant horses, reknowned for their lovely arched necks. They are medium in height, and very well-tempered.It has been found that Arabian horses do wonderful in dressage acts.Hope I have helped!

Arabian horses came to the USA in 1747.

Arabian horses like any other horses can get hurt or sick and this can cause death, But the Arabian horse usually has quite a long life span from 25 yo +.

Yes. Also, Arabian horses are my second favorite horse, after Appaloosa.

Arabian horses were first bred in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and in north east Africa.

Arabian horses live all around the world.

Arabians are said to have fewer vertebrae than other breeds but that is incorrect. Many Arabian horses have fused bones in their spine that makes it look like they have one less, but it's not true.

All Arabian horses have different weight, it does not matter about the breed. All horses have a different weight.

Yes, Arabian horses are still maintained and bred in Arabia. Just like in old times, very close lineal records are kept and there is a high emphasis on placed on purity of their horses.

Arabian horses live all around Arabia.

Arabian horses tend to weigh from 850-1,100 pounds.

Yes, Arabian horses are the fourth fastest breed of horse in the world.

Yes! The breed is called an Arapaloosa. They have arabian bodies but appaloosa coats and they're very sweet, dalmatian like horses

The horses of Arabia include the Arabian horse and the barb. The Arabian horse is the purest breed of horse in the world.

Arabian horses usually live between 25-30 years.

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