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They will both hinder a Golf ball to its normal destination!

2007-07-06 14:26:06
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Where does a white-breasted nuthatch live?

Deciduous trees, such as Oak, Beech and Hickory.

Do oak trees live in the taiga?

No, actually. Oak trees are part of the deciduous forest biome. So are hickory, beech, and maple trees. Hope I helped!!

What are common plants of the neogene period?

Beech trees and Oak trees.

What plants live in the decidous forest?

Decidous forests consist of broad leafy trees such as oak, hickory, ash, and beech.

Which type of environment is mostly populated with oak hickory and beech and maple trees?

Just shut up. Goshn Mann

What trees dominate the temperate forest?

Temperate deciduous forests have tree species like oak, hickory, maple, poplar, and beech.

What are the common plants in a forest biome?

some plants are shrubs, moss, ferns, and lichens, because they don't need a lot of sunlight. Also there are some common trees oak, hickory, maple, beech, birch, and sweet gum.

Are beech trees evergreen?

No. Beech trees are deciduous.

What are 5 native plants to New York?

A few of the native trees are:Post Oak, Birch, Beech, Hop trees, white Oak, Hickory, chestnut, sweet gum. Common meadow flower include the rose, dandelion, Goldenrod, Wild Sarsasaparilla, bunchberry and goldthread.

What are the plants of West Virginia?

Trees like spruce, oak, hickory, birch, beech and maple. Ivy and dogwood abound and grasses and wildflowers seem to be everywhere.

What kind of trees is used to make a baseball bat?

Hickory most common

Common trees of the deciduous forest include?

Common deciduous forest tees include trees like oak, sweet gum, maple, and Beech.

Are hickory trees deciduous or coniferous?

Hickory trees are deciduous but they do live in coniferous forests.

Do hickory trees grow in Northern Iowa?

Do hickory trees grow in western iowa

Where are American beech trees found?

American beech trees can be found in the deciduous rain forests.

What is a climax beech-maple forest?

A climax beech-maple forest is one where American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) and Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) are the most common trees of the canopy.

Do hickory trees grow in Utah?

There are many types of hickory trees. If pecan trees grow in your area, its very likely that other members of the hickory family will as well.

Is it common for the trunk of hickory trees to decay at ground level?

Only if they are dead, otherwise, not.

Autotrophs in deciduous forest?

Those are some autotrophs in a Deciduous Forest..... •American Beech •Carpet Moss •Common Lime •Guelder Rose •Lady Fern •Northern Arrowwood •Pecan •Shagbark Hickory •Tawny Milksap Mushroom •White Birch Temperate Forests contain deciduous trees, which are trees that shed their leaves every year. Majority of the deciduous forests contain trees like maple, oak, hickory, beech, evergreens, etc. Those varieties of trees create a close-knit canopy over the shrubbery on the forest floor. The varieties of soils and all the precipitation helps in the growth of the trees, who also have height to reach the radiation the sun provides.

Where are hickory trees found in the US?

Hickory is found in Texas

What is a beech forest?

It's a forest consisting mainly of beech trees.

Where do beech trees grow?

Beech trees grow in North America, Europe and Asia. Scientists have formally recognized 10 to 13 distinct beech tree species.

What are the names of all the hardwood tree's?

Beech Oak Maple Hickory Teak Mohogary

Whats the difference in birch and beech wood?

Birch wood and beech wood come from different trees. Beech trees belong to the Fagaceae family of plants whereas birch trees belong to the Betulaceae family.

What is the symbiosis between shelf fungus and hickory trees?

The symbiosis between Shelf Fungi and Hickory trees is Parasitism.