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Q: What do Central Americans wear?
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What kind of clothes do central Americans wear?

This question is not very specific whether in olden times or present times. In the present, Central Americans wear clothes everyone else wears. I go to El Salvador every year and people don't dress differently than people here in the U.S.

What shoes did the Native Americans wear?

what do native americans wear shoes

How did the early Americans regard central authority?

how did the early americans regard central authority?

What are the four main groups of people of Central America?

Native americans, Spanish, Metizo, and Central Americans.

Do Americans wear uniforms?

Some Americans do Some Americans dont

What do native Americans wear?

i think native Americans wear skins of deers bears and others.

What do North Americans wear?

cloths north Americans wear casual jeans or skirts and tshirts

What type pf cloths do native americans wear?

what type of cloths did native americans wear

What clothes do Americans wear?

Americans wear jackets, suits, shirts, dresses, scarves, and many more. It is similat to what Australian wear.

What is the name of the people from Mexico and central America?

Mexican and Central Americans.

What central American country will not allow Americans in there borders?

I believe that all Central American countries allow Americans in their borders.

What clothing do they wear in Paraguay?

Paraguay is a republic country located in central south America. Paraguay Clothing are mostly similar to what Latin Americans wear. Women prefer brighter color and they also wear shawls. Ponchos are also popular in Paraguay.

What do Canadians wear?

Canadians wear the same things Americans wear for the most part, our fashion is influenced most by Americans and Europeans. It also depends on the weather, we wear similar winter clothes as Americans as well as similar summer clothes.

What percentage of Americans wear perfume?

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What clothes do Puerto Ricans wear?

They wear regular clothes that us Americans wear.

What religion do central Americans follow?


Did Americans want a strong central government?


How has the native Americans influenced culture in central America today?

The Native Americans influenced culture in Central America writing, arts, and sports.

Why did Native Americans wear headresses?

They wear it because it is a part of their culture.

What did Americans wear during the civil war wear?

They wore dresses

What do the people in the Central African Republic wear?

they wear the sort of clothes people in Africa wear

What did the Americans wear during the Civil War?

The north wear blue and the south wear gray

What do Japanese wear now?

Japanese wear normal clothes like us Americans wear

What do Russian people wear today?

Russian People wear normal clothes that americans wear.

What is the major religion of Central Americans?

Roman Catholic