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What do Democrats want done with guns?

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That's sort of a vague question, but generally speaking, Democrats are as split as the rest of the country on what to do about guns. Obama has signed every piece of NRA supported legislation that has come to his desk. Many Democrats are NRA members and many support positions that the NRA would not agree with.

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What are democrats planning on doing with guns or gun control?

Democrates generally want to take away guns. Note in a few cases they don't care or never get around to it.

How much colder do the Democrats want it?

Why do you think Democrats want it "colder"? Because they vow to reverse global warming. They must want it colder. I just want to how much colder the Democrats want it.

Where do the democrats stand about guns?

well most don't like the NRA!

Why do Democrats keep pretending to want gun control when in reality they have never even once proposed a repeal of the 2nd Amendment?

The Democrats want to gun control to safeguard the lives of American citizens. Many citizen, like the innocent children last year are losing lives as a results of the uncontrolled guns.

Do democrats want the Bush tax to be totally abandoned?

yes, many Democrats want the Bush taxes to be abandoned.

Is there a dime's worth a difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Yep, Democrats want to give the dime away, and the Republicans want the people to earn it.

Why is Ryan not letting the Democrats pass a gun control law?

The Republicans do not want to pass a gun control law even though 90% of the American public want to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists because they see it as the first step to controlling all guns. And many of them accept money from the NRA or conservatives that like the NRA.

How do Democrats feel about defense spending?

The Democrats want to spend as much money on war efforts as possible.

What is SB 798?

It is a group of Social Democrats. They want to remove airsoft and paintball because they thing guns is wrong no matter how they gets used. So if you by any chance can bring SB 789 down, then do it.

What did southern democrats want in the election of 1860?

Southern democrats wanted further extension of slavery into the U.S. territories.

Did Democrats want low tariffs?

No, Democrats Wanted High Tariffs, while Republicans wanted High Tariffs

Why do democrats want to protect the gay rights?

Democrats have a history of supporting equality for all Americans. Gay rights are no different.

Why do pirates have guns?

Pirates have guns in order to foce people to do what they want them to do.

What did peace democrats want to do with the Civil War?

The Peace Democrats wanted to end the Civil War as well as the draft. They sympathized with the South.

How do you buy guns in yoville?

You can't buy guns on YoVille. Besides, why would you want to buy guns on YoVille.

How much do 4 Nerf guns cost?

It depends on which guns you want to buy

How long can Nancy Pelosi be Speaker of the House?

As long as people want her to be. As long as the democrats control the house and her fellow democrats keep her as speaker.

The election of the president is determined by?

republicans and democrats we elect who we want to be president

Does the US want to keep Obama as president?

Yes the democrats do but not the republicans

Is there any games where you can customize your guns?

On battlefield three you can change about anything you want on your guns

What percentage of crime's committed with a gun are Democrats?

50% of murders are black x 93% democrat voters25% of murders are latino x 70% democrat voters25% of murders are white/asians x 70% of murders in democrat areas= 81.5% of murderers are democrats.If you adjust for the fact that a black/white kid from the suburbs is both less likely to be democrat and less like to shoot you than a gang banger in the hood, then the numbers are even worse for democrats.That's before you adjust for the fact that rural/republicans have a higher gun ownership than democrats, so guns in Republicans hands are even safer still. We shouldn't outlaw guns, we should outlaw guns in the hands of Democrats.Note the two related links for support and other interesting information.

Do Democrats want election reform?

No they want it corrupt so they can rule because they think we are a bunch of idiots

How do you unlock the M1014 shotgun on COD4?

you have to make kills then you go up levels and you will finally get the guns that you want. you have to make kills then you go up levels and you will finally get the guns that you want. you have to make kills then you go up levels and you will finally get the guns that you want.

Which is better fist or guns?

Depends on what you want to do.

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