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with love and not with hate we are lucky for our world and hindus are very protective of our world!

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Q: What do Hindus believe about the way we should treat our world?
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How do Hindu's think you should treat the world?

Hindu's believe that you should treat the world with respect.

What did the hindus believe about the world we live in?

that we should marrie are blood type

Do Hindu's believe that God created the world?

I think Hindus believe that they god created the world.

What world religions believe in reincarnation?

Hindus, Buddhists and some Muslims believe in reincarnation.

How do christians believe they should treat animals and the world around us?

They should trat others with love and forgiveness.

What do hindus think is wrong with the world?

They think that we should save the world.

Where are Hindus in the world?

Where are Hindus in the world?

Do Hindus believe that the world we live in is the only reality?

No, core belief of Hinduism is very opposed to that. Hindus belief states that the world we live in is a myth and reality is very different.

Why Hindus do not believe in cosmology?

Hindus believe in what science says about cosmology and cosmogony. Of course, we have many mythological descriptions of how the world came about, but no educated Hindu takes them as more than fancy stories.

Does all religions believe that their god created the world?

No not all of course !!\ Like Hindus they are are not beliving that God created the world

What are Jewish beliefs for how you should treat the world?

Jews believe it is obligatory for all human beings to make the world a better place, with the concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

Where in the world are Hindus located?

Hindus are mostly located in and around India and Nepal however there are Hindus all over the world

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