What do I need to know in order to get my 1992 Toyota corolla wagon to pull a small utility trailer?

First and foremost you need to know the towing capacity of this vehicle. Then you need to purchase a good receiver hitch such as this one. http://performance.thepartsbin.com/basket.php?makeid=25&modelid=316&year=1992&partid=200&brandid=2608 Then you need to wire that car so that you can connect the trailer lights to the car. This is not a good car to tow with, so make sure you are towing a very small trailer with a small load. And remember that you have to stop this vehicle with the extra weight behind it. On a wet road when towing a trailer with no trailer brakes, you can get in big trouble trying to stop. If you plan on towing very often or in hills, then I highly recommend you install a transmission cooler. It is very easy to ruin a transmission when towing with a small car with a small engine. Heat is the enemy of any A/T and towing creates heat. A $100 trans cooler is a great investment when towing.