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What do I say to a girl who keeps flirting with my boyfriend?


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you take your boyfriend to somewhere that is nice and he is sure to not hang out with that girl :} if yyou are more than 13 years old

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Call were boyfriend and say look she is flirting with you at the end kiss were boyfriend.

how do you knoe if a teen girl is flirting with you iz a stupid question.......lol If a teen girls does all these things to you then she is flirting with you: blow a kiss at you try to impress you all the time keeps looking at you smiles at you keeps talking about you touching your a**(if your a lesban den that happen) and last thing iz winking or blinking her eyes at you thats all i can say:

Talk to her.. If she's your friend, she shouldn't be flirting with your boyfriend. Or, if she's just some random chick you don't know, she still shouldn't be flirting with him. If she is. If she talks about him all the time, somethings up. Talk to your bf and see what he has to say about it.

Dont get angry. Get even. First, make sure that he actually is flirting with another girl, and then start flirting with another boy and make sure that it gets back to him. If he confronts you about it then say, "Oh sorry, I thought that was OK considering that was exactly what you were doing with (other girls name) " He will have no choice than to explain everything to you. Simples.

She laughs at eveything you say. Even when its not really that funny..

Fifth grade? Here is some advice. You shouldn't have a boyfriend!!!!!! Oh and talk to the friend of yours who is flirting with your man. And make sure he is aware so he can let's say "mock" here.

That means that they are flirting with you. But if you are a girl also, then that's very unfortunate.

when a girl is around her friends she will laugh at anything u say and then she will start flirting

Start flirting with her, and after a week ask her out then when you have been boyfriend and girlfriend for 2 weeks you kiss and say i love you ask her if she likes u if not say you hate her and run away(cuz she'll slap u) if yes .... :)(:

Well if he keeps flirting just go long with it and if you dont see him as more than friend then tell him or her that you just want to be friends well to know if he's flirting with you he would say something like: "wanna hang out later?" or "do you want to sit with me at lunch?" and he might nod at you if he's staring hes liking

you need to go up to her and say if your going to be my friend than you do not need to flirt with MY boyfriend and if you don't stop than i can't be your friend Another way would be to say could I have a word with you and calmly tell her you don't like her flirting with your boyfriend (she might not even realise she is doing it) and say you don't want a boy to jeopardize your friendship but if she doesn't stop then it may have to.

the real question is, What do you say to a girl when she leads you on and she has a boyfriend?

if say this dude or the person you love is your boyfriend then sit down and talk to him about it, just say that your not comfortable with the fact shes flirting with him. if he really loves you and your really close then he might stop talking to this girl and tell her he's not interested, but if he reckons your being real overprotective then maybe he's not the right one for you... if hes a friend and you have been for a while let him knw how you feel about him. chances are he might like you too. ;) good luck!!

You can be casual and just say"talking to you(;" this works as flirting and he gets a sense that your a cute and sassy girl

Well , its so hard , but id say to her " where do we stand? How can you tell me you love me and still have another guy as your boyfriend? ....

oh easy you just say to her your boyfriend is lucky if she say yea i gues that means yes if she says what boyfriend or i don't...etc that means no

Well that is not so hard to tell . If you want to know if she is flirting . You can guess this by her behavior towards you . She will say cheesy things to you.

say your sorry and he will for give you

just chill and tell him nicely that ur taken and not free and tell him if he likes u just say iam not a cheater! oh ps.i dont think this is going to help cause iam retared and drunk!jk

Okay... It's a trick question. Never go ahead steady, saying "Hey, girl, why don't you beak up with that sad excuse of a boyfriend and get with me?". NEVER. You've got to pick out what to say. You've got to get close to her first, make sure that she's not just playing around and flirting just for fun. Make sure she likes you. If she does, she'll eventually break up with her old beau and crawl up to you. (:

he usually calls you up or tries to come closer to you nd say hi to you or starts flirting

I am a lesbian and I am in love with a girl.... Sorry it's over

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