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What do Monarch Butterflies eat?

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Monarch butterfly larvae (caterpillars) feed exclusively on milkweed.

The adult Monarch butterfly drinks the juices of soft fruits (usually fallen fruits), and nectar from flowers. It drinks the nectar of milkweed flowers, which makes it poisonous to predators.

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Monarch butterflies are distasteful to birds and other predators of the monarch butterfly because monarch butterflies eat milkweed which makes them taste bad

what do monarch butterflies eat

monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the bottom of the milkweed plants.these hatch,eat,and turn into more monarch butterflies!!!!:)

Monarch butterflies eat nectar from flowers.

Monarch Butterflies eat the milkweed leaves

No. Monarch butterflies only drink nectar. They cannot eat other insects.

The organisms that eat monarch butterflies are insects. Yes they are poisinous, but some organisms can handle the poisin in their system. Mostly the insects that eat the monarch butterfly is a wasp, stink bug, and more!

Monarch caterpillars eat milkweed. The butterflies themselves only drink nectar.

Monarch butterflies, that's what makes them poisonous.

What do Monarch butterflies feed on

Who is eating the milk weed you or the butterflies If you eat it that won't help the butterflies Do butterflies eat, I thought they occasionally sucked nectar from flowers but they don't eat any thing

They eat flowers aka nectar or soft fruit

Monarch butterflies are large, black and orange in color with white spots. Monarch butterflies closest relatives are the milkweed butterflies.

Adult butterflies eat nectar and water . Sometimes liquid from fruits . Larvae eat only milkweed .

No. Adult butterflies of any species do not eat grass. They must drink nectar and sap from flowers and plants.

monarch butterflies are helpful not pesky.

the catapillers eat the milkweed, the butterfly eats the necter

Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed Leaf Beetles only eat milkweed.

Some birds and other animals find the toxins in a Monarch caterpillar or butterfly extremely distateful. They can become sick after eating a Monarch buterfly. Other birds quite happily eat Monarch caterpillars and butterflies. It simply depends upon the species of bird!

Monarch butterflies will only lay their eggs on milkweed because it is their hostplant. A hostplant is the plant that the caterpillar will eat when it hatches from its egg. So, the monarch caterpillar will only eat milkweed, and the monarch butterfly will only lay its eggs on milkweed. The monarch depends in the milkweed, the milkweed does not depend on the monarch butterflies.

They don't eat anything. They usually drink the nectar from flowers. Monarchs can also drink fruit juice.

Some butterflies such as the Monarch, eat poisonous plants as caterpillars, resulting in the butterfly being toxic. Insect eaters like birds seem to know not to eat these butterflies. Monarchs are most likely poisonous to some extent in dogs.

Like all butterflies they drink nectar from flowers.

Monarch butterflies are diurnal; they do everything during the day :)

Monarch Butterflies mature during their pupal stage.