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What do P0160 and P0161 OBD trouble codes mean?


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there is no activity on sensor # 2

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Trouble code P0160 means:O2 sensor circuit no activity detected (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

That comes on after cycling the key three times to see any trouble codes. Done, is either end of codes, or no codes present.That comes on after cycling the key three times to see any trouble codes. Done, is either end of codes, or no codes present.

hi! it's the downstream oxygen sensor located right after the catalytic converter,,

Trouble code P0301 means:Cylinder no.1 misfire detected

Trouble code P0606 means: Control Module Internal Performance Trouble code P0607 means: Control Module Performance

The system is finished displaying trouble codes in the odometer.

The DIY manual covers all the different trouble codes and is available for les than 30$ at your local autoparts store

Trouble code P1491 means: Radiator fan relay control circuit

Electronic Spark Timing (EST) circuit is shorted to ground.

The engine computer has detected a malfunction. You need to have the system checked for trouble codes.

P0700 EATX code present. You need to check the trans computer for codes.

Get a can of mass air flow sensor cleaner and clean the maf sensor

Trouble code P0440 means: EVAP Purge System Fault Trouble code P0441 means: EVAP Purge Flow Monitor Fault

Trouble code P0717 means:Input/turbine speed sensor circuit no signal Trouble code P0720 means:Output speed sensor circuit malfunction

Trouble code P0732 means: Incorrect gear ratio, second gear Trouble code P0735 means: Incorrect gear ratio, fifth gear Trouble code P0775 means: Pressure control solenoid "B"

If your vehicle is 1995 or later, you need a scan tool to retrieve the codes. If it is 1994 or earlier, you can manually retrieve the codes by jumping the pins. No way in the world to know which pins to jump or what the trouble code(s) mean since you don't give a make or model vehicle. Regardless, detailed instructions and full list of trouble codes would be too much to include here. A Chilton or Haynes repair manual is your best resort. If you don't want to buy a manual, try your local public library.

Trouble code P0336 means: Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance Trouble code P1298 means: Electrical Load Detector Circuit High Input

Trouble code P0320 means:Ignition/distibutor engine speed input circuit malfunction

Depends what you mean by codes. Do you mean Cryptology or "Passwords".

It means that the engine computer has detected a malfunction and set a trouble code, you need to have it checked for codes.

Trouble code P1684 means: The battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts

Trouble code P0700 means:Transmission control system malfunction You need to have the trans computer checked for codes.

Transmission code present. You need to check the TCM for codes to know possible causes.

If you are referring to the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), you can go to your public library and check out a Haynes or Chilton's Repair Manual for your vehicle. Chapter 6 in either book will have instructions on how to retrieve the codes, what the codes mean, and how to fix/repair/replace the component(s).

Trouble codes in a 1993 Buick Lesabre, or any vehicle are an exciting diagnostic tool. The troubleshooting of the past is minimized. The advent of electronics and computers to automobiles can prevent total breakdowns due to early warnings. The codes can show low air in the tires or major failures.

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