What do Portugal eat?

Portugal is a country, so it doesn't eat anything, but the Portuguese people do eat.
Portuguese people eat many different things, but you will find many fish dishes since it is a country very connected (culturally and physically) with the ocean. Actually some studies say that Portugal is the 3rd country that most consume fish per capita in the world, being Iceland and Japan the top 2.

Portugal also has a vast variety of meat dishes. Being the "chouriƧo", "linguiƧa" and "enchidos" in general one of the pride products of Portugal.

Other thing that you might find different in Portugal is that Portuguese people love soup. Soup is a essential dish in Portugal, you will find it everywhere, there are some fast food chains that specialize in it and only sells soup dishes.

Bread is also very important and you will find a huge variety of it everywhere.

Portugal is a Mediterranean country facing the Atlantic ocean, so you will find that the country follows the usual Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and onions are the base of most dishes.