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Puerto Ricans wear the same clothes as us. But back then, they wore dull colored and baggy shirts and pants. :)

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Q: What do Puerto Ricans wear?
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What is the phobia of puerto ricans?

The fear of Puerto Ricans is "Puerto Phobia" The fear of Puerto Ricans is "Puerto Phobia"

What clothes do Puerto Ricans wear?

They wear regular clothes that us Americans wear.

Why do puerto ricans wear red?

There are many different colors that P.R.'s wear.

What do Puerto Ricans wear on a daily basis?

Basic American casual.

Who dick is bigger dominicans or puerto ricans?

Puerto ricans

Why are there really dark Puerto Ricans?

Because some Puerto Ricans have a strong African blood line. They are Afro-Puerto Ricans.

When was Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party created?

Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Party was created in 2003.

Where did most Puerto RIcans live?

New York with a populationn of 986,389 puerto ricans

What is the average puerto ricans life span?

What is the average puerto ricans life span?

What do puerto ricans wear traditionally?

simply put, it is clothing. There is no such thing as Puerto Rican clothes, nor do they wear grass skirts or fig leafs or loin cloths.

What do puerto ricans wear on three kings day?

want do poeple were on three kings day

What do puerto ricans commonly wear?

We wear tropical clothes. Since it's hot here we usually wear shorts and flips flops.

What nationality has more gay people Dominicans or Puerto Ricans?

There are more gay Dominicans than Puerto Ricans, simply because there are more total Dominicans than Puerto Ricans.

How many Puerto Ricans are in the US?

Between two and three million that are self identified as Puerto Ricans.

What year did Puerto Ricans become us citizens?

Puerto Ricans were granted citizenship in 1917.

What had stopped Puerto Ricans from becoming American Citizens?

Puerto Ricans ARE American Citizens, since 1917.

Why do puerto ricans need a green card to visit the US?

They dont- Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

How many Puerto Ricans are there in the world?

Close to 8.5 million Puerto Ricans live between Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Mainland. 4.5 Million Puerto Ricans live in the United States Mainland, and 4.0 million in the Island of Puerto Rico.

What has the author Ronald J Larsen written?

Ronald J. Larsen has written: 'The Puerto Ricans in America' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Puerto Ricans 'Puerto Ricans in America (In America)'

Do the Puerto Ricans have a military?

Puerto Ricans serve in all branches of the US Armed Forces and Puerto Rico also has a National Guard.

What has the author Clifford A Hauberg written?

Clifford A. Hauberg has written: 'Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans' -- subject(s): History, Puerto Ricans

Where do Puerto Ricans live?

Puerto Rico you DUMBASSO

What is the chief export of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Ricans

What is Puerto Ricos nationality?

Puerto Ricans are Hispanic.

What are the people of Puerto Rico called?

Puerto Ricans.

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