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Spartans were vegetarians that mainly ate Pizza and triple cheeseburgers with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup, mayo, all on a sesame seed bun.....anyone else hungry?

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What did the Spartans mostly eat?

Black Broth

What did Spartans eat?

Bread, vegetables, fruit, with some meats.

What were the Spartans family living arrangement?

they would eat out or do something fun

What kind of foods did Spartans eat?

Breadstuffs, fruit, vegetables, with some meats.

Who came first vikings or Spartans?


Who did the Spartans admire?

Spartans? Huh, Nobody.The Spartans Idol Was Themselves...

What religion were the Spartans?

the Spartans were polytheistic

What slogan can be given for Spartans?

Spartans are martins!

Did the Greeks beat the Spartans?

No, the Spartans were Greek.

Are the Spartans from Rome or Greece?

The Spartans are Greeks.

Why is Spartans called Spartans?

Because they were from Sparta.

Who was the Spartans enemy in the movie 300?

The Persians were the Spartans enemy and totally outnumbered the Spartans 300

What did the Spartans do to the helots that defeated them?

If the helots defeated the Spartans, the Spartans, being defeated, could not do anything to them.

What are the five school sports team in Mississippi?

Rio mesa Spartans Rio mesa Spartans Rio mesa Spartans Rio mesa Spartans and o ya i forgot one ........ Rio mesa Spartans

Where were the Spartans located?

The Spartans are located in the region in Lacronia.

What was Spartans trade?

Spartans trade was craftsmen ship.

What is a sport Spartans play?

The spartans played football

What kind of meat did the Spartans eat?

Mostly fish and seafood. Other animals were used mostly for religious sacrifices.

Did Spartans or Athens win the war?

The Spartans won the Peloponnesian war, the only war between the Athenians and the Spartans.

Why were Spartans chosen for the battle of Thermopylae?

the Spartans were stronger fighters than the Athens's. the Athens were artists. the Spartans were gladiator's.

What is the French word for Spartans?

Spartans would be translated as "Spartes".

The difference between Spartans and Athens?

Spartans had a better armty

Where did the ancestors of the Spartans come from?

Where did the ancestors of the Spartans originally come from?

What did Spartans focus on?

The Spartans focused on war, fighting and training.

What trait is admired by the Spartans?

Strength was greatly admired by the Spartans.