What do Thailand people eat in Thailand?

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Tom Yum Goong - A soup made with tomatoes, mushrooms, prawn, ginger and lemon-grass.
Somtam - A spicy salad made with fish sauce, chilli, crab, prawns and shredded papaya.
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Where is Thailand?

Thailand's location is in southeast Asia with a western border withBurma, (or Myanmar) and a North Eastern border with Laos. Far southin the country, near Phucket, is southern border with Malaysia. Ithas a long coastline, which along the west of the country isbordering on the Andaman sea. Recently I ( Full Answer )

How many people live in Thailand?

over 60 million people According to the UN, it is 64 millionEstimated at 63,700,000 about 76 million people

What are the main occupations of the people in Thailand?

Answer . Agricultural jobs. . Answer . Not really sure what level of detail you need but according to the Bank of Thailand [2006] they listed the following figures (based on a labour force of 35.36 million) [Unemployment runs at just over 0.5 million]: . Sector GDP by Sector (%) La ( Full Answer )

What to do in Thailand?

You can have something in Thailand. I don't know what to do. Because I am not intrested. If anyone here from Thailand please edit. Update Well, right now economy growth of Thailand is very high. Real estate and Tourism grows very fast. There are many Thailand Property and Thailand Real e ( Full Answer )

Do most people in Thailand live in Bangkok?

Bangkok is by far the most densely populated city in Thailand with about 9 million people. However, with the population of Thailand being over 65 million, you couldn't technically say that most people who live in Thailand live in Bangkok.

What is there to do in Thailand?

As a holiday destination Thailand offers everything from beach holidays, diving, snorkeling, trekking and wildlife tours, Buddhist retreats, volunteer opportunities in communities or teaching English and of course sightseeing. Go to phi phi islands, kanchanaburi waterfalls, shop at chatuchak in B ( Full Answer )

Why are elephants so important to the Thailand people?

Elephants are important to the people of Thailand for two reasons. Elephants have a deep religious meaning within the Hindu and Buddhist religions. A story is told about Buddha's mother and a dream she had about a white elephant before he was born. The Hindu god Ganesha is said to have the head of a ( Full Answer )

Why do people live in Thailand?

Humans have been living in what is today known as Thailand for atleast 40,000 years. Currently, about 66 million people live inThailand.

What foods do they eat in Thailand?

The main food they eat is rice. asdfasdfsadf they also LOVE spices and fried foods are a big thing too! asdfasdfasdf

What do people do in Thailand?

As little as possible. The tourism industry is big but not sophisticated. A lot of people work in the rubber or coconut industries and most people try their best to relax as much as possible. Oh, prostitution's pretty big too.

What do people eat in Thailand?

Thai people consume rice dish. Most food variety in Thailand is made to consume with rice or sticky rice. Traditional Thai dish is a form of salad mix or Yum (ยำ), vegetable dip or Naam-prik (น้ำพริก) and boil dish or Tom (ต้ม). Tom-yum tho ( Full Answer )

What sort of clothes do Thailand people wear?

Thailand people wear uniforms to school, there uniforms are triditional. on weekends they were regular clothes just like kids here in america. for everone wears triditional dresses and suits.

What skin color do people from Thailand have?

Thais have different skin color. People from the north eat (Isaan) tend to have darker skin, which is a sign of poverty for most of them.. I prefer a dark skinned girl to a European white skinned!. They must think that many tourists are stupid, as all they want is laying in the sun all day to get ( Full Answer )

Why people eat monkeys in Thailand?

Because like all animals, monkeys are meat.. Meat is an excellent source of nutrients - particularly protein..

Why do people visit Thailand?

Thailand has many beautiful and interesting places. Different food and culture. Along with interesting history.

How does tourism affect people in Thailand?

tourism affects people of Thailand because: They receive money from selling souveniers, they could rent out somewhere and earn money HOWEVER There is more pollution more traffic, noise and overcrowding Hope this helps

How do people celebrate Christmas in Thailand?

Thailand people celebrate Christmas but not all people. Thailand people celebrate Christmas as a usual Day, Such as: Working going to school going home Etc. Why? because All Thailand people are not all religious. if a town does celebrate Christmas they hang up a Christmas tree and do wha ( Full Answer )

What is used to eat in Thailand?

Thai people don't usually use Knife. They use Spoon and Fork. But in tradtional way, they use their hand.

How do people in Thailand dress?

People in Thailand wear long robes if the are wealthier, if not the wear baggy pants and dirty shirts. The people in Thailand just about always wear sandals.

What are people like in Thailand?

They are very religious and wake up really early to pray. There are a lot of criminals that live in Thailand. They're Thai. They eat spicy foods.

What is thailands people do for fun?

They play sports such as kick boxing, martial arts, volleyball using only their feet and head, regular volley ball, and football which i think means soccer.

How many people are there in Thailand?

At the time of the last census, there were 66.79 million people inthe nation of Thailand. Bangkok is the largest city with about 7million people.

How do people make a living in Thailand?

Same as anywhere else - by going to work. Thailand is a modern country and offers the same jobs as any industrialised country. It is still very aggricuktraaly biassed however, so a large majaority of population make their living farming.

How the tsunami affected the people on Thailand?

It affected the people because they didn't have enough to drink. Mosqitoes lay eggs and malaria spread. People got diarrhoea from bad water or they became dehydrated. There was a lack of medicine and trained doctors. Many were made homeless

What bugs do they eat in Thailand?

When I was there in 1967 - 68 at Udorn Air Force Base, Thailand, we had Native Thai workers in our Bomb Dump. During the breeding season we would light up all our search lights and the light would attract what the Thia's called a RICE BUG. They netted them with Fish Sean nets and boxed them in old a ( Full Answer )

Do Thai people have any rights in Thailand?

De jure. Yes.. of course. How much? as pleaded in the bill of right. Lastest edition is enacted in 2007. De facto. It depends on what kind of right you'd like to ask about. If you mean anything but political right, yes... one,with Thai citizen status, can claim. But political right, well... there' ( Full Answer )

What are people from Thailand?

We call ourselves 'Thais' or 'Thai people', but for some people who live in Bangkok may call ourselves as 'Bangkokians'

Why do people like to visit Thailand?

because Thailand had a lot of beautiful thing and good to visit. many people like to visit to Thailand has good food and different kind of food

Why do people from Thailand look Chinese?

Thailand people look Chinese because they are Asian and Asian's are from a lot of the same heritage and they seem to look the same. I AM NOT A RACIST I AM JUST ANSWERING THIS QUESTION PLEASE DO NOT FIND THIS OFFENSIVE ANYBODY. THANK YOU

How do people change the environment in Thailand?

a) Tourists buy coral at seaside stores, encouraging the people that sell it to go out and take more coral, so destroying the reefs. b) After the full moon party in Koh Phi Phi, the locals are left to clean up tonnes and tonnes of rubbish. Any trash not cleaned up washes into the seas, polluting ( Full Answer )

What kinds food do you eat in Thailand?

Some of the most popular foods in Thailand are called: . Tom Yam Kung (spicy shrimp soup) . Kaeng Phet Pet Yang (roast duck curry) . Phat Thai (fried noodles of Thai style) . Kai Phat Met Mamuang Himmaphan (chicken fried with cashew nuts) . Phanaeng (meat in coconut cream) . Tom Kha Kai (chick ( Full Answer )

What type of food do people in Thailand eat?

Mostly rice, Spicy foods and beans Typical household cookery composed of stir-fried vegetable, cabbage is one of the most common ingredient, sometime morning glory fried with fish sauce. Pork and chicken often form the most common meat dishes (often, again, stir-fried with fish sauce and garlic), ( Full Answer )

What holidays do the people of Thailand celebrate?

There are 24 holidays that the people of Thailand celebrate. They are the following: NOTE: This is for 2011 Calendar January 1: New's Year Day February 3: Chinese New Year's Day February 18: Makha Bucha Day/ Megha Puja Day April 6 Chakri Memorial Day April 13: Therevadin Buddhist New Y ( Full Answer )

Why do the people in Thailand celebrate the lantern festival?

Buddhists gather to release their hand-made lanterns into the skyin an attempt to bring glory to the Buddhist religion. It is alsosymbolic of personal release and forgiveness. As the lantern isreleased into the air, the owner closes their eyes, makes a wish,and lets all of their troubles float peace ( Full Answer )

Are people in Thailand rich or poor?

As with all countries, some are rich and some are poor. Your question is too general to provide a specific answer. Thailand overall is a relatively prosperous country, not a third world country.

What kind of food do Thailand people eat?

The staple ingredient of most Thais dishes is rice, popular meats are pork, chicken and beef. Lots of fruit is consumed, even in spicy salads, popular fruits are mango, papaya, durian and mangosteen. Noodles are popular, and spicy salads are popular, seafood, including prawns, crab, squid, snapper ( Full Answer )

What do they eat for breakfast in Thailand?

I just had cornflakes (in Chiang Mai). Traditional breakfast is regional, but common in the North is rice porrige (a savoury thick stew) - in the south/central common is fried bread (like hard donuts without sugar) with condensed (sweet) milk. Poorer people may just have rice (glutinous in the north ( Full Answer )

How many people in Thailand now?

Thai population is estimated to 64.6 Million persons on June 2013 with growth rate of 0.2 Million persons per year.

What are Thailands peoples beliefs?

Most Thai believe in reincarnation. Most of them are Buddhist, many of them believe they'll be reborn as a lower animal if they do something bad.. Religious view's mostly the Theravada Buddhism. But there're also many Muslim, especially in the south. ( Near Malaysia). Educational system is mostly ( Full Answer )